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The casino floor at the Park MGM was buzzing, a noticeable excitement literally scattered in every different direction as the Cher concert let out at Park Theatre. The buzz of chatter, cheers of ecstasy from the tables beating the odds, and the sweet sounds of jackpots wizzes by as we wait. The energy of a busy casino floor is one of the most unique anywhere in the world.

As we left the casino, riding an escalator away from that energy towards the entry to On the Record, the vibe quickly changed. This is not your ordinary mega-club that lines the Vegas Strip and was noticeably different than walking off the elevator at Hakkasan the night before, opening to pounding vibrations of bass and the roar of the murmured sounds. This was different.

The marquee that welcomed us as we walked up teased the acts for the week. Friday Night: Brody Jenner. I was aware of Brody Jenner from my wife’s reality TV guilty pleasure but had no idea how he would put on a show. Never-the-less, I wanted to take in Vegas’s newest club and see what the buzz was about.

As we passed through security and walked into the club for the first time, the casino vibe dissipated and I was taken to a new world. Even early in the night with a small crowd, before the talent for the night, the vibe was just… cool. Every detail helped enhance the experience, walking into a long hallway that led you to each, unique experience.

Photo by Robert Irizarry

On The Record has a long hallway with different room offered a different experience, both musically and visually, as you move towards the back of the club. The first section features a room with VIP areas on the right side that are open to the main bar area. To the left, a series of doors that opened just long enough to see a party inside, but they shut just as quickly. These were the private VIP areas that look like they would be the home base for celebrities and special guest.


At the end of the room, and as we walked around the corner, three vintage pinball machines led to the main bar and entertainment area. Starting at the end, we walk back the same way we came, through the dance floor, by the main bar, and past the stage that would house the main entertainment for the night.

The DJ booth and dance floor are each small, but by design. It’s a very intimate experience, where it feels like you are part of the entertainment rather than watching a stage. Continuing through the main room is a large bar with a stage above, where pop-out acts can appear at any moment. During our time in the area, a group of break-dancers appeared, put on a quick show, and then faded back out.

On the opposite side of the main room, a small stage where a small band could put on a show. Every area of the room feels intimate and full. Personal space is at a premium, especially later in the night as the main room fills up, but I think that’s part of the allure. You are hanging out with your 400+ best friends in the main room and experiencing something together.

If that’s not your vibe, have no fear. As you walk to the next room, it is a lounge, with a bar, chairs, and fireplace. It feels like a jazz lounge where you can escape from the dance floor and the intensity of the main room and grab a drink and relax. This room is enclosed and includes some secluded seating and a fireplace in the corner. Just past is the next area, which opens up to an outdoor area and patio with a British-style double-decker bus under the stars.





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The outdoor area had a separate DJ, playing classics and offered a place to relax and cool off. It had a very casual feel, with groups clustered chatting and mingling. Booths and seats around the exterior allowed for a quick rest before heading back to the main room or just offered a more low-key experience. When you leave and head back to the main hallway, you exit through a replicate tardis, a precise detail, as you do feel like you are traveling to a new dimension, back into the heart of the beast.

Swinging around to the main hallway, you see you go back through the entire maze again, with one exception. If you blink, you will miss it, hidden in the wall a door leasding to a quant, bar that feels like an escape from the energy outside the walls. The feel was that of a speakeasy, a hidden space that offers amazing cocktails from residency bartenders from around the country. The drinks take on aspects of the artists playing, but the room feels very far away, even if the action is just behind the wall.

Each of the rooms and experiences made for a unique, sophisticated viewing experience. For a club featuring music as the main act, the visual aspects of the club were more transformative. Every details, from the old TV wall, to the record shop, to the tapes lining the hallway, to the hidden encounters throughout, made for a night unlike any other I’ve had.

Brody Jenner at On The Record

The DJ booth is small at On The Record, and Brody Jenner’s entourage stretched its capabilities. The stairs that lead to behind the front of a chopped, vintage Rolls Royce were full and the back wall lined as well. Brody and his DJ stood front and center. I didn’t know what to expect when a non-musical celebrity was center stage at a music venue, but somehow it worked.

The DJ played the tunes, an eclectic mix of old school rap, new school hip hop, and classics mixed throughout. It reminded me of a great house party from my college days, with a DJ hitting all the right songs to get and keep the party going and Brody playing host and hype man.

Had the DJ not been on point, it could have been a disaster, a 35-year old, psudo famous celebrity standing on a stage trying to hype up a crowd that I’d venture a number had to Google “Is Brody Jenner a Kardashian?”. But the slight awkwardness went away quickly as the music jammed and the party took off anyway.

There were probably one or two too many “ohhhh shits” from the guest of honor, but overall it was a comfortable and interesting evening. For a 36-year old myself, the music was exactly in my wheelhouse, an eclectic mix of my youth while mixing in hits from today that I knew. The crowd was a mix of ages and surely different musical tastes, but everyone seemed to be into the music.

I think it is also important to know that I was in the perfect “zone”, having the perfect blend of time between dinner and the show and a pre-game cocktail mix that put me in the perfect state of mind. We had enough drinks at the show to maintain the perfect buzz, so lots of things came together to make this a memorable night.

Unexpectedly, the star of the night was a ritual I never expected to see, let alone write about. Brody took off his shoe and took a shot… out of his shoe. Then, others started. As they went through the crowd, multiple people took shots out of a shoe. Unconventional, but nothing if not interesting. That he found volunuteers shows the vibe… It was just… FUN.

Overall, this was an unexpectedly awesome time. I had no expectations going in but I think the combination of the magic of On The Record and the appeal of an awesome set turned this into a night to remember and one of the most fun club experiences I’ve had anywhere.

Mark Ronson at On The Record

Because we had such a good time on Friday night, when we were talking about what to do Saturday, the conversation naturally went back to On The Record. The more famous and much more musically inclined act of the weekend, Mark Ronson was too hard to pass up.

I won’t lie, I also thought there was a 2% chance that Lady Gaga might show up until I realized that Mark Ronson is the resident DJ with multiple shows throughout the year.

We again got to the show fairly early (around 10:45) and the warm-up DJ was spinning some nice hits. It was noticeably more crowded on night two and it was much more challenging to get between the rooms, as the main room and dance floor were packed for most of the night.

I know it’s Vegas and “late” is relative, but it was past midnight and the house DJ was still spinning. At one point, I thought that maybe I didn’t know who Mark Ronson was and that the guy in the booth might be him, but a few minutes later, he arrived.

For those unaware of Mark Ronson, he produces and writes for and with some of the top acts in the world. From Lady Gaga to Bruno Mars and the late Amy Winehouse, he’s a hit maker of the top pedigree. When he came on and for the first 30-40 minutes, he played up those connections and those songs. I like a Bruno Mars song as much as the next guy, but that’s not really my jam at a club, so I have to admit I was less excited with the set as I expected to be. After jamming out with my new BFF Brody for 3 hours the night before, this felt a bit flat.

That said, if you love his music (and the crowd skewed a bit younger on the whole on Saturday) it was probably a brilliant set. After the initial set of “his” music, it move to a more comfortable set list that I enjoyed. I never thought I would write these words, but I think Brody Jenner made it difficult to enjoy the second show as much as I would have.

In addition to the different music preference, the second night we ate a large meal at Bavette’s Steakhouse before the show and didn’t find the same ideal buzz, so that also plays a part.

Overall, we spent much more time outside during night two than on the dance floor, but we still had a great time. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to another Mark Ronson show the next time I’m in Vegas, although I would be more likely to check out another act when we are back in Vegas in June.

On The Record: The Concept & History

Opening on December 28th, 2018, On The Record is one of the newest concepts on the Vegas strip. It is the creation of twin brothers Mark and Jonnie Houston who brought their LA Style to Vegas for the first time with On The Record.

“One thing Mark and I wanted to accomplish was to create multiple layers and experiences within the venue,” Jonnie Houston told the Vegas Weekly. “It seems like [in Vegas] you have to choose to either go Downtown for a nice, cool swanky bar or go to [the Strip] and a mega-nightclub, but there’s no place to find layers in one venue. It’s like the perfect movie. If you can laugh, cry and be scared and go through all these emotions, that’s something we’re striving for.”

They hit it out of the park with On The Record.

On the Record: All The Details

On the Record is located in the Park MGM Casino Floor across from the Park Theatre casino entry at 3770 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA. It is open Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and the doors open at 10:30 pm till 4:00 am. It also has shows other nights, so check for additional performances.

Depending on the night, cover runs from $25+. They do have a good promotional networks where you can get on guest lists that will include free or reduced admission. Ladies can often get in free and often will include free drink tickets when entering the club early.

VIP Entry starts at $1000 and includes drinks and other perks. Prices for VIP tables vary, but here’s an example of pricing for a Saturday night show in April.

  • Upper Dance Floor Table – max 6 people – $1,500
  • Patio Table – max 6 people – $1,500
  • Record Parlor Table – max 6 people – $2,000
  • Living Room – 6 person Table – max 8 people – $2,000
  • Dance Floor Table – max 6 people – $2,500
  • Living Room – 12 Person Table – max 12 people – $2,500
  • Living Room – 8 Person Table – max 8 people – $2,500
  • Vintage Center Stage Table – max 4 people – $2,500
  • Karaoke Room – max 15 people – $3,000

For the most updated info, check out the On The Record website and social media accounts:

Let us know if you visit On The Record and how you like it in the comments below or on our social media!

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