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You’ve watched of the Game of Thrones, but there was a battle ranging just as long as the fight for Westeros in the Nevada desert. The Las Vegas food scene is one of the hottest contested in the entire country, with celebrity chefs clamoring to get a piece of the action and into the wallets of the 40 million visitors to visit Vegas annually.

Just like the many contenders to sit on the Iron Throne, there was plenty of competition on the strip, but ultimately someone must win. The jury is still out for the final season of Game of Thrones, but in Vegas, The Cosmopolitan is sitting as the King of Food.

Why do we have them as our top pick? They have the complete package. Awesome buffet? Check. Top-flight steakhouse? Yep. High-end restaurants? Of course. Interesting concepts? Got it. World-class chefs? Uh huh. And quality food on a budget? Best in class! There was plenty of competition up and down the strip, but the Cosmo reigns as King because they truly have something for everyone.

So who did they defeat? The neighboring Aria and Bellagio put up compelling arguments for the top spot. The Venetian and Caesar’s Palace put up a good fight. The Wynn and Encore are always hard to beat. And even MGM Grand has the celebrity chef game that can stand with anyone. But ultimate, The Cosmopolitan clearly came out on top. Here are 11 reasons that The Cosmopolitan is the King of Food in Las Vegas.

Block 16 is The Cosmopolitan’s Secret Weapon

Block 16 Urban Food Hall

Just like in Westeros, the war for food supremacy was raging on without an end in sight. Every casino was loading up on top chefs, overhauling their failed concepts into foodie nirvana, and stocking up on some of the best restaurants in the world. But the food wars are always won with those on the ground and Block 16 gave the people what they wanted: Great food at reasonable prices.


Now open on Level 2 of The Cosmopolitan, Block 16 Urban Food Hall is a culinary destination like no other on The Las Vegas Strip. Showcasing a curated selection of purveyors, they’ve scoured the country’s most traversed city streets to bring the most crave-able, easy-to-love food & drink to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Bold flavors, world-renowned chefs and a lively atmosphere draw you in and compel you to stay. From breakfast to late night, at Block 16 you can indulge in spontaneity, absorb the atmosphere—and maybe even surprise yourself.

José Andrés. Enough said.

The Cosmo already did a great job of pairing amazing restaurants with mid-range offerings. Jaléo, é by José Andrés, and China Pablano all come from the man who brought Tapas to mainstream (José Andrés) and they have given The Cosmo an appeal from the beginning.

China Poblano is the one restaurant that I have been to every time I’ve been back to Vegas since the first time I’ve been there. Thrillist ranked it as the second best restaurant at the Cosmo, which is impressive at its price point. The Chinese/Mexican fusion brings together flavors that you won’t find in your local food scene.

Jaléo is the quintessential, original tapas restaurant and a to making tapas popular in America. Jaleo brings alive the spirit and flavors of Spain by showcasing the rich regional diversity of Spanish cuisine. Celebrating the traditional as well as the cutting-edge, Jaleo offers a taste of Spain in a festive, stylish, and casual atmosphere.





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Tucked away in a small private room adjacent to Jaleo’s bustling bar and paella grill, é by José Andrés offers a clever and creative tasting menu of Spanish avant-garde dishes. Accessed through a glass door emblazoned with the letter é, the room is dominated by a steel-topped bar with seating for nine, making it one of the most exciting and exclusive meals in Vegas.

é by José Andrés seats only 9

José Andrés was named a Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2018 and 2018 Humanitarian of the Year by the James Beard Foundation. His restaurants have shaped the culinary scene in America and The Cosmopolitan offers three amazing ways to honor a great chef and taste perfection.

Concepts from around the country that you can now enjoy in Vegas

The Cosmo doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel, they just take the wheels that are too crowded to get into other locations and brought them together in an eclectic and diverse food paradise. Try to get a table for Friday night to Beauty&Essex Milos in New York City or Momofuku in NYC, Sydney, Toronto or Washington, DC. It’s not going to happen. But in The Cosmopolitan, you can take advantage of restaurants you may not get to try elsewhere without huge waits or impossible to get reservations.

Most of the restaurants have been proven popular around the country, which is a recipe that gives the Cosmopolitan proven winners. Vegas is America’s playground, so bringing together the best concepts around the country make sense and tastes oh, so good. These aren’t large chains, rather unique concepts that help to elevate the Las Vegas food scene and keep The Cosmopolitan at the top.

In addition, there’s something unique about each concept. Beauty&Essex is the perfect example of how these restraurants stand out, offering visitors an eclectic pawn shop before moving to dinner and unique dishes once they sit down for dinner.

Estiatorio Milos Might be the Best Mediterranean Restaurant in the USA

Fresh seafood flown into Estiatorio Milos daily at The Cosmopolitan

Lots of restaurants fly in fresh seafood daily to ensure they have the best quality, but Milos sources and flies in tomatos and produce to ensure it gives the perfect, authentic taste. You expect to pay top dollar for this type of perfection and you do at dinner and it’s worth every penny.

Milos focuses on simple ingredients, fresh flavors, and allows these beautiful dishes to stand on their own. When you start with the best ingredients, you let them take center stage, and Milos does this as well as any restaurant on the strip.

Lunch Specials that Blow you Away without Breaking the Bank

Speaking of Milos, unlike many of the finest restaurants in Vegas, they are open for lunch and may be the best deal on the strip.  You can get a 3-course lunch for just $29 and sample for yourself what makes Estiatorio Milos the best Greek restaurant you’ll ever visit. You can also add a generous wine pairing for $19 at lunch, getting your day kicked off in style.

Next, walk across the way and you can eat Lunch Like a Spaniard at Jaleo. You choose one item from 3 sections of Tapas all for only $25. Try world famous ibérico sliders (one of the most expensive and tasty pork in the world) as well as other tasty tapas at a fraction of the price.

Wicked Spoon may be the best buffet in Vegas

Vegas is synonymous with buffets and no Vegas King of Food could be crowned without knocking it out of the park. The Wicked Spoon may be the best buffet in Vegas. It has contenders and if you’re looking for the traditional, there may be others you prefer, but the Wicked Spoon is much less a buffet than a culinary tour around the world.

A bustling culinary food hall, the Wicked Spoon delivers well-crafted original selections for every appetite. With its mix of top quality, familiar staples and imaginative seasonal dishes, this Las Vegas buffet satisfies cravings and invites discovery. Bottomless beverage packages are available for an additional $17.

You come for the Steakhouse and stay for the Modern & Fusion Italian & Japanese

When you think of Vegas restaurant staples, a steakhouse is table stakes. STK antes up with every cut you’d expect prepared to perfection but sticks with the cool, swanky vibe of the Cosmo. STK is a new-style Las Vegas steakhouse from The One Group and Executive Chef Stephen Hopcraft. STK features a bustling bar scene, an inspired menu, and a relaxed dining atmosphere with a sexy vibe created by the in-house DJ.

zuma takes the dining experience to a whole new level with amazing, traditional Japanese items with a twist! zuma features modern Japanese cuisine and award-winning world-class cocktails in an elegant and sophisticated environment. Inspired by the informal izakaya dining style, the international restaurant features a modern Japanese cuisine that is authentic but not traditional. zuma is the creation of chef and co-founder Rainer Becker.

zuma’s menu features a variety of dishes from its three kitchens—the main kitchen, the sushi counter and the robata grill. True to the izakaya experience, guests are offered dishes designed to be shared and brought to the table continuously throughout the meal. The menu offers a wide selection of elegantly presented dishes, including many items that are bolder in flavor than traditional Japanese cuisine.

If it’s Italian you’re crazing, dine in true Italian fashion while overlooking the famed fountains at Scarpetta. The name comes from an Italian expression meaning “little shoe,” the shape bread takes when used to soak up a dish. In this way, Scarpetta is true to its name, delighting in the pleasure of savoring a meal down to the very last taste. This earthy-yet-sophisticated approach to Italian cuisine features a soulful menu of seasonally-inspired fare.

Whether you’re looking for traditional (spaghetti or veal chop “Parmagiano”) or want to try something you won’t find in your local italian house (creamy polenta), Scapetta’s signature dishes will not disappoint. End your culinary adventure with the salted caramel budino, feauring vanilla bean cream and pretzel toffee for the perfect end to an amazing meal.

Secret Menus & Hidden Gems are part of the fun

If you’re looking for the pizza, you won’t find a sign and that’s by design. The aptly, unnamed Secret Pizza place offers one of the best slices of pizza on the strip… if you can find it. The secret pizza place continues the theme of fun, tasty surprises throughout the Cosmo. This by-the-slice hole in the wall can often be found because the line has stretched out past the hidden hallway. During the day, Jewel Beach Clubbers line up in their sexy swim suits to soak up some of the bad decision.

Left: Secret Pizza unmarked entrance. Right: Secret Pizza, revealed

The Cosmo also has unique concepts and hidden gems throughout the casino. The Milk Bar offers milk flavored snacks and ice cream like Cinnamon Toast Crunch along with menu highlights such as Cake Truffles and Birthday Cake and other milk-inspired treats. If you still wish you could have cereal for dinner every night, Milk Bar takes it up a level and lets you have the same flavors for desert!

The Cosmo is also the home to The Juice Standard which offers fresh, cold press juice in a wide variety of flavors. Other overlooked gems include Blue Ribbon American Brasserie, breakfast eatery and 24-hour comfort food haven The Henry, elite burgers at Holsteins, and authentic Chinese cuisine at Red Plate. If you need to get your caffeine fix, it offers Va Bene Caffe near the lobby and a Starbuck off the strip.

Breakfast with an Attitude. Dinner with a Show.

Everything at Cosmo has an attitude, from the raunchy variety show Opium to the sexy imagery at the check-in to the name of the best damn breakfast place in town, Egg Slut. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is not scared. So after a long night of booze and debachery (or if you’ve managed to elude the Vegas hangover), Egg Slut is the perfect companion each and every morning.

If you experience The Cosmo long enough, you will eventually be introduced to Rose, the

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. is a modern supper club serving reinvented American classics alongside live music and entertaining performances. Inspired by social clubs of the past, Rose. Rabbit. Lie. is a place where familiar dishes take surprising twists and turns, cocktails are mixed with subtle flair, and spontaneous, live entertainment adds to an already extraordinary evening. Here, guests will never have the same experience twice.

Dinner and a show at Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

Want to know more about the namesake? Meet Rose, the sexy digital bot that calls Cosmo home. Ask her anything, but make sure you’re ready for the answer. As she says, treat her right and she’ll make all your dreams come true. This is just another unique way that the Cosmo stands out in the crowd.

Iconic Bar & The Place to Be Seen

The stunning 3-story Chandelier Bar at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Part of the dining experience is the atmosphere and The Cosmopolitan gives off a hip, sexy vibe. Walking through the casino to get to the restaurants you will see the prettiest people in Vegas spending money and having fun. Art installments are found throughout the casino, from oversized red stiletto heels big enough to sit in to a funky space man advertising the in house Opium show.

Before heading up to the restaurants, you walk by one of the most unique bars in all of Vegas, the 3-story Chandelier Bar. A multi-story visual wonder housing three unique bar experiences, The Chandelier expresses elements of playground, art exhibit, and cocktail haven all at once. The Chandelier is a living, breathing architectural wonder created by shimmering, beaded curtains of light.

No dining experience is complete without a nightcap and the bars around the Cosmo give you plenty of options for amazing libations and beautiful scenery. Don’t forget to order one of the signature drinks on each floor of the Chandelier Bar.

Whiskey Business: This new twist on the Old Fashioned combines The Cosmopolitan’s barrel of Knob Creek bourbon with bitters, Amaro Meletti, and “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll” syrup.

Finishing School: A floral mule of Ciroc Red Berry vodka served with strawberry rhubarb rose syrup, citrus, ginger beer and plum bitters.

We’re All Mad Here: An ode to Alice in Wonderland, this gin-based concoction starts blue but changes colors once blended, and is accompanied with an edible tag that makes your tongue tingle.

Awesome Rewards for Food and Drink

Maybe not the most important part of having the great restaurants, but art of the comp is a game in of itself in Vegas. The Identity Rewards program may be the most generous for food and beverage, offering 5 points per dollar spent. The Cosmo caters to foodies, both by offering an amazing selection of options, but also rewarding their loyalty. With only 4000 points you can move to Sterling which offers 2-for-1 Wicked Spoon buffets each month and 20,000 points gets you 2 complimentary rooms and 2 complementary companion rooms per year PLUS they waive the resort fee!

I moved up to the next level of the Cosmopolitan just by eating at the restaurants and got a great deal on a room and a comped Friday night suite for my troubles. And The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is the only Marriott program hotel on the strip, allowing you to earn or use Marriott points to book.

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