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Just like many hotels on the strip over the past few years, the Vegas slogan is getting a facelift for a new kind of visitor. The icon “what happens here, stays here” slogan will officially become “what happens here, only happens here”.

While the slogan only means so much, I do think it goes with the trend across the strip: Vegas isn’t just an adult playground. And while the booze, gambling, and adult entertainment can still be part of the experience, the food scene, sports venues, and experiences truly are unique to Vegas.

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As the professional sports scene explodes with the Raiders coming to town, the question will not be “should” kids come to Vegas, but what is available for them when they get there. This is a trend that is already happening up-and-down the strip and with venues like Top Golf and the like, Vegas will be more prepared for families and people who are in town for other activities than drunken debauchery.

Vegas is an experience, from world class dining experiences, to professional sporting events, to one-of-a-kind concerts and venues, this feels more appropriate. Moving away from the “sin city” moniker isn’t a bad move and actually aligns more with our view of Vegas… There’s a perfect trip for nearly everyone.

What do you think of the change? Let us know in the comments below.


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