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If the strip isn’t your thing, The Palms is a cool, newly renovated hotel with a party history. This was the home to The Real World and the parties helped make Paris Hilton famous. In April of 2019, the Palms will channel its party roots and open KAOS, a 70,000 square feet, indoor/outdoor party experience. Cardi B, Skrillex, Travis Scott, and a host of top talent will help open the newest dayclub/nightclub and continue to remake The Palms as a destination in Vegas that cannot be ignored.

Apex Social Club is one of my favorite spots in Vegas with amazing views at from the 55th floor of The Palms overlooking the strip, replacing the famous Ghostbar. It’s small, intimate, and offers breathtaking 360 degree views from the large balcony. The energy is great and you can dance or sit away from the music and actually have a conversation. This is a perfect place to grab a drink (or bottle service) for any group.

Overall, the hotel you choose likely won’t make your vacation, but choosing the wrong one could. Budget hotels have their place, but we find that there’s not a large enough difference in price to make up for the great amenities, entertainment options, and overall vibe that the above hotels provide.