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Typically, the NFL Draft is must-watch TV, but never has it been THE ONLY LIVE SPORTS in months. And while it’s fun to relive the glory days of the MJ legacy or relive some classic games, nothing compares action that will affect present day sports, whenever they return.

This year, the draft has even more pizazz. The Raiders have 2 first round picks (12 & 19) in a draft with deep talent in position of needs (especially WR). While that’s exciting enough, it will also be done via conference call and the real possibility of technical glitches and meltdowns live on TV exist, which makes it even more must watch TV.

I have the think GMs are just as bored as the rest of us during this lock down, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some blockbuster trades and fireworks on draft night. The draft starts tonight at 8:00PM EST and can be seen on ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, ESPN Deportes, & heard on ESPN Radio.

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Add to that the real possibility that the 2020 season is cancelled and it could make for a much more unpredictable draft, especially at important positions where players only have only year left on their contract or developmental players who need a year before they are ready to start.

Do teams value having a full year with their quarterback of the future in house if a season is lost? Or do they devalue players that aren’t ready to contribute because they lose a contract year. Or does that possibility not even come into play?


I haven’t really heard the talking heads talking about these things, but that makes sense because they work for the networks who likely don’t want to promote losing a season. But you better bet that GMs have gone through all the options and have changed up their board with that risk in mind.

All this together shapes this draft as the most unique in history. Still not enough to get the bitter taste of losing a Vegas draft, but at least it will be an entertaining three days!

So who do the Raider pick? Do they make any big trades? Will they choose a WR in the first round? Answer our polls on Twitter and follow us to win Vegas-Inspired stickers!

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