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On my way home from running errands today, my car warned me about low temperatures, so as the saying goes, everyone and my car knows its been too long since my last Vegas trip. When I’m wünderlusting for some Vegas sun (especially after hearing pool season started yesterday), I always find myself slinking though an Instagram wormhole.

So today was one of those days and I’m inviting you along for the ride. Let’s take a look at the 7 reasons I am officially so ready for Vegas that I have now scheduled two trips between now and July.

Just one straw, please…

Nothing screams lets party like 100 ounces of booze. PBR Rock Bar delivers. All I need is some eggs, bacon, and one of these to start my morning off right.

Bachelorette parties come hell or cold water…

Love is always in the air. And by love, I mean soon to be married boys and girls living their best life no matter what the weather. There’s something interesting about being part of the last single vacation they might should will take.


With the right bet, you too can be a Gazillionaire…

Or at least I can run out of money quickly and catch my favorite show in Vegas. Absinthe is my favorite drink and favorite show in Vegas and both make me happy.

The views from the suites are sexy…

Especially the brand new Empathy Suite at The Palms, which runs $200K for two nights. But you get that view! And sharks in your room. Okay, that sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen, but it’s über Instagram-able.





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And the views from the helicopter are even more breathtaking…

The best way to get this view for the rest of time is to skip Vegas and instead volunteer a local homeless shelter. But for a couple hundred bucks, you can see it no mater which way you end up in the end.

Even the drinks are smokin’…

Purple Haze is not just a drink, it is a state of mind. And this drink from Hexx might be the fastest way there. I’ll have 2.

And the food. Oh, the food.

Tonight I dream of steak. Tomorrow Sushi. Then Italian. Vegas has it all and more. The hardest part is choosing which reservation to make.

Are you ready to head to Vegas? I’ve already book my trip for the end of March, how about you? Tell us when you are heading to Vegas in the comments!

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