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We all want comps when we go to Vegas and dream of the free hotel, upgraded suites, and amazing food and beverage credits that we hear about the whales in Vegas enjoying. But you can and should get rewarded for going to Vegas! The first step? Signing up for the casino rewards program and start getting deals right away.

Understanding who you are is very valuable for a Casino. It’s competitive and winning your business is very lucrative. But you have to make sure you raise your hand and tell the casino who you are to ensure you get all the rewards, perks, comps, and deals you deserve. Signing up for your MLife Rewards is the way to signal to MGM that you need to save some money!

Which Casinos & Resorts are Part of the MGM MLife Rewards Program?

MGM is one of the largest casino groups in Vegas and have casinos across the country. Why choose MGM? It is one of our top choices because there are lots of ways to save and resorts and casinos for every taste and budget. When we’re talking about MLife resorts in Vegas, here’s the properties you will find in Vegas:

Mandalay Bay, Delano Las Vegas, Luxor, Excalibur, New York-New York, Park MGM, Aria, Vdara at Aria, Nomad, MGM Grand, The Signature at MGM Grand, Bellagio, The Mirage, and Circus Circus all fall under the MLife program. MGM also runs the T-Mobile Arena, Park Theatre, MGM Grand Garden Arena, and the Mandalay Bay Event Center. These partnerships include most of the restaurants, events, shows, and more that are held at the casino, which gives you exclusive access to discounts on many of the best events in Vegas.

Get your MLife Card ASAP

The first step to getting deals and comps at MGM resorts is to sign up for MLife Rewards. Without this card, you are missing out on all the benefits. You can (and should) sign-up before you go to ensure you have your account. You can stop by any MLife counter on any MGM casino floor to get your cards (I recommend always printing 2 just in case) and use it everywhere you go!


You should sign up now (even before you start planning your trip) because even the entry level of MLife gets hetter rates on MGM hotels. You should create your account, choose the best offer for your tier, and book directly (more info on that later) to ensure you’re getting all the points and discounts you deserve. MLife members will get 15% plus off regular rates, so the 2 minute sign-up can save you big!

Show Your MLife Card at ALL MGM Resorts When You Play or Buy Food

Did you know that you can add your food, beverages, and even souvenirs in some cases to your room using your MLife card at any MGM property if you are staying in an MGM hotel? This is my best trick to ensure I get every single point available to me when I’m in Vegas. If it goes on your room, it will be tracked and counted as tier points to earn you more rewards and comps.

You don’t have to charge it to your room for this to work. Even if you are staying at another property, show your card everywhere in MLife resorts and you can earn points and tier credits.

This is how I have moved to Gold status at MGM without a huge coin in score or a large gambling budget. I make sure I get points for the drinks at the pool (be sure to take your ID if you want to charge them to the room), dinners at other casinos (in the MLife family), and without always staying at MGM properties.





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What does gold get me? I am comped 4 nights in the MGM Grand Queen Strip View in March with a $50 F/B credit and $50 in Freeplay. My entire room for the 4 nights will be just over $200 total during one of the busiest weekends of the year.

Book Your Room on the MGM Site as an MLife Member. Check Codes from Discount Sites.

You may think you are getting a great deal with one of the discount brokerage sites, but know that if you book on Expedia or the like, you don’t earn points towards your next trip. Getting to the Gold level in the program will get you 2-4 nights and usual get a small $50 food credit and $50 in free play.

If you’re only going to Vegas once a year, it may not be worth it (points reset every year, but you keep your status the next year), but we’ve found that 95%W of the time, you get a better deal directly though MLife anyway.

You can find discount codes from sites like SmarterVegas that you can actually use on the hotel website and can include Free Play, Resort Credit, and discounted deals. Plus, booking through the MLife site will ensure that you have a room every time! I’ve heard stories of 3rd party sites losing reservations or getting bumped because they overbooked. Unless you get an outstanding deal through your rewards credit card or AmEx/Costco, you should book direct and ensure you earn all those comps!

Earn Comps from Home Playing MyVegas

Get free hotel nights, comped dinners, welcome drinks, free experiences, discounted tickets, Free Play at MLife casinos and much more right from your Facebook account! MyVegas is the MLife mobile app (iOS Android) that lets you play slots for free from your phone and earn real rewards at the casino.

MyVegas provides free chips daily which you can play and earn. To earn enough points for free nights or even dinners, you’ll have to play often or at least check your account daily to earn your daily bonus.

You gold in a few different ways. First, you get a Daily Bonus spin that resets every 24-hours. This is key if you want to build up your chip stack to earn higher rewards. In addition, each casino in the game gives a number of chips and potentially gold on timed basis. Each is slightly different and you open more casinos as you play.

For example, the Maverick Helicopter pad earns 1000 chips and resets most often (about every hour). On the other side, Aria collects 40,000 coins but resets every 6 hours. Therefore, you could get this bonus 4 times in a 24-hour period if you were checking religiously. As you grow in the game, you can start earning a good amount of coins that will help you bet more and earn more gold.

So how do you earn gold? Each time you spin, your “gold meter” moves up and once full, you get gold! The more you bet, the faster it moves. These are like rewards at the casino, win or lose, you get the same amount of gold for a spin, depending on your bet. You can play daily missions where you collect items and win chips.

And if you add contacts on the apps, you can gift and receive free chips from others and get a multiplier bonus on your own. There are Facebook Groups (find groups) that allow you to make these connections without bothering your friends and family to earn more bonus chips.

You can also always buy packages, which I would only do if I was just short of a reward before heading to Vegas and the value was worth it.

The more you win in chips, the longer you can play. So often time, I’ll log in daily and collect my daily bonus and casino chips, but won’t play for a week or more so I have a big stack. Big bets = big wins, so the goal is to hit that big windfall so you can play for hours (days) without running out of chips!

I have used this method to win over 1.5M gold and currently have over nearly 700,000. This is after buying $250 in on-board credit at Royal Crribbean, 2-for-1 Entree at Libertine Social Mandalay Bay (one of best values on the system), $50 in Freeplay at MGM Grand (not as good of a value), and 2 free nights at Park MGM.

The rewards I’ve earned so far from MyVegas

They do also offer a huge number of paid packages to buy more chips and gold (which can be used to redeem rewards), so unless you want to fast-track your earnings or need a small amount for a reward, buying may not be your best option.

MyVegas has a Facebook app for your desktop and a number of games you can download on your mobile device which all give you points to the same account. You have to have a free MLife account to redeem those rewards but the game is tied to your Facebook account to earn points across the platform.

So what kind of rewards can you earn for all that hard earned gold? It varies heavily on how much gold you can save. Here’s just a few of the screens from the app showing the rewards and their cost.

You can get free slices of pizza, BOGO on shows and entertainment, free nights, Freeplay at the casinos, offers from partners like Royal Caribbean, the Las Vegas Monorail, and Maverick Helicopter tours. I suggest you sign up for the game and take a look at all the rewards yourself to see what you are shooting for.

If you can resist the (very well placed) ads to buy chips and consistently check the apps to get your bonuses, it can be a great way to earn points and comps before you even head to Vegas.

Go to the MLife Desk Before You Checkout to See if You Earned Comps

Always find the MLife Players Club desk on every Casino floor.

The last thing you should do before you checkout at any MGM owned hotel is to go to the MLife counter and have them check if your play earned any comps. They will call someone on the bat phone, sit on hold for a few minutes, and give you a number. I’ve had multiple nights of my resort fee comped. I’ve had dinners taken off. I almost always get $40-120 in comps, depending on my play and other factors.

I highly recommend this step. It can be a little uncomfortable asking the first time, but when you see all the other people doing it, you’ll realize it’s just part of the game. It usually takes 5-10 minutes, so getting an extra $100 knocked off your bill is well worth the wait!

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