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Here at The Dent we believe knowledge is power, especially when choosing your perfect Vegas vacation. We aim to ensure you make the best choice for you! We provide plenty of reviews and try to give you objective information to make your decisions, but we can’t stay at every hotel on each trip, so we want to offer you first-hand perspectives for hotels we haven’t visited in awhile.

Vdara Hotel Las Vegas Room Tour and Review

Photo from @xorebeccalouise

Our first review comes from XO Rebecca Louise who stayed at the Vdara. She’s been to Vegas a number of times, starting from when she was young, so she has a good sense of the Vegas landscape. For her “[The Vdara] was by far the best Vegas experience I have ever had”.

Check out Rebecca’s review of the view from her room, the hotel in general, the location, and a review of the room at The Vdara. You can also check out her other travels and musing on her Twitter @xorebeccalouise.

Harrah’s Executive King Suite Review

Our second review is from 2FitzCrew who was upgraded to an Executive King Suite at Harrah’s in January 2019 and who visits Vegas 3-4 times a year. From the review, ” The suite was tastefully decorated with modern decor. I would say our room along with the house keeping staff ranked a 5* visit. We visit Las Vegas about 3-4 times per year and Harrah’s Valley Tower will definitely be considered for our next visit.”

Check out 2FitzCrew’s full review of the Executive King Suite including pictures of the suite, pros and cons, and recommendation. You can also follow on Twitter @Crew_Fitz for more.


Flamingo Las Vegas Review

Our next review come from GoGlobeHopper who reviewed The Flamingo Las Vegas. From the review “the iconic Flamingo is not the among the newest or most expensive hotels on the strip, but it has a lot going for it. The location makes it extremely desirable given that it is within walking distance of some of the most popular casinos, shows, restaurants and shops.  The guest rooms are pleasant and clean, and the staff is friendly.”

Take a look at GoGlobeHoppers full review of The Flamingo including the room, casino, shows, and pros/cons. And check out more adventures on Twitter @GoGlobeHopper.

Video Review: The Venetian

Our final review for today is a video review of The Venetian. This video review also has additional information on the Caino Billionaire website here.

You can follow Casino Billionaire on Twitter @CasinoB





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