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What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas many times because you’ve had a little too much fun to remember. No matter where you are on the strip, you can find a cocktail that will light you up like the neon lights.

Whether your idea is knocking back a brew, slurping down an alcoholic slushy, washing the night away with a 100 oz Margarita, sipping on a fine cocktail concoction, or celebrating with some champaign, we have you covered.

Say hello to the 100oz. ‘Merica Porch Pounder Cocktail Bowl

This much ‘Merica spirit can only be had in July, when the Vegas temps hit tempetures slightly higher than this 100oz. cocktail bowl. You might want to share it with a friend or two, but it’s Vegas and no one is going to bat an eye if you down the whole thing before hitting the pool.

You can find this beauty the week of the 4th of July at the PBR Rock Bar at Planet Hollywood.


Take a Bit Out of this Original Sin in Sin City

On Level 1.5 of The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmo is where you will find the Original Sin… And this is one you’ll be glad you took a bite out of.

Build Your Bloody Mary at Aria

Late nights mean blurry mornings. Nothing knocks off the rust like a Bloody Mary and no one makes them quite like the Aria.





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Expect the Unordinary & Find Your Passionate From Miles Away

The Passionate From Miles Away will wish you didn’t live miles away. This creative cocktail contains Bombay Gin, passionfruit, orange & lime and touches all the right notes!

You’ll Never Get Stabbed in the Back when Partying #LikeACaesar at the Pools at Ceasars Palace

A Ciroc colada in your hand. Palm trees to each side. Beautiful people all around. You will feel like royalty while sipping on the LikeACaesar Cicoc Colada.

Drink Anything From a Tipsy Robot. Anything!

No description needed. When our robot overlords offer you a drink, you get drunk.

Try a Fancy Gin As Only the Wynn Can Do

Need Dessert & a Drink? This Unicorn Does Exist in Vegas

A cocktail in hand is worth two anywhere else

The Electra Cocktail Club is where art makes your taste buds skip and jump.

Drink Like Lady Gaga with the Enigma Cocktail at the Juniper Cocktail Lounge

Lady Gaga will be in Vegas. I want to be in Vegas drinking this. We have so much in common.

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me Probably Went into Making this Drink

Or I just always get that song stuck in my head when I see an amazing peach cocktail.

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