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We had a hunch, but it’s now official, MGM Resorts plans to throw a big party for Raiders home games at Mandalay Bay. MGM was named an official gaming partner of the Raiders and a founding partner of Allegiant Stadium, ensuring they have visibility in the stadium.

Want to be part of the action for the first game of 2020? Here’s the nightly rate for the closest hotels for the opening weekend of the NFL season

Mandalay Bay$260.17Book
MGM Grand$153.22Book
Luxor Hotel & Casino$130.33Book
Excalibur Hotel & Casino$106.73Book

So what does it mean for you? Mandalay Bay (book) and MGM will recreate the party scene at Park MGM and New York-New York for Vegas Golden Knight games, but on a much more massive scale. Expect unique events on gameday at Mandalay, a huge outdoor tailgate and fan experience, & pre-game & post-game party after every event.

“It’s going to be like the Super Bowl every week”

Jim Murren, Chairman & CEO of MGM Resorts International (source)

They also announced they will have a comprehensive transportation plan between all MGM resorts, so it may not be necessary to stay at Mandalay Bay to get the experience. This will offer a nice way to get from all the MGM properties up and down the strip before and after the games without relying on other transportation.

In addition, they plan to offer an outdoor tailgate experience in the land between Luxor and Mandalay Bay. This will likely look more like a massive fan zone than grilling and bbq on other lots, but for those flying in and staying for the weekend, it could be a great option.


“We’re going to create the world’s best pregame tailgate experience right here at Mandalay. Between Mandalay and Luxor we have a lot of property. It will be something that you cannot see at another stadium in the United States.”

Jim Murren, Chairman & CEO of MGM Resorts International (source)

Overall, this will be good for fans and will be the place to be before and after the game. If you’ve ever been to a VGK game (or even been in the area), it’s the coolest gameday experience in the NHL. The Raiders party will be even more over the top, with more fans & space.

This announcement has us doubling down on our recommendations. If you want to be part of the action, Mandalay Bay The Delano are the casino and resorts to book, as they are at the center of the action. But they will be expensive, so Luxor (which is connected) will likely have a very similar feel at a less expensive price tag. In addition New York-New York, MGM Grand, Park MGM, and Excalibur are also options that will be easy to be part of the action.

Want to be part of the biggest, baddest party for the opening of Allegiant Stadium? We still won’t officially know the schedule for a few months, but we are pretty confident that the Raiders will open Allegiant Stadium on opening weekend of the NFL schedule. Rumor has it that it will be Sunday Night, but with the Super Bowl featuring the Chiefs, it could change the calculus.

I wanted to ensure I was part of the action, so I’ve already booked my room at Mandalay Bay from Wednesday, September 9th to Tuesday, September 14th. I expect these to nearly double once the game is announced, so I highly recommend booking with cancellation rights before the games are announced.





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Nightly rates and total cost for September 9th – 14th as of January 2020:

Delano Las Vegas$291.50 $2,234Book
Mandalay Bay$260.17$2021Book
MGM Grand$153.22$1480Book
Park MGM$167.33$1390Book
The Mirage$164.33$1369Book
New York-New York Hotel & Casino$155.67$1310Book
Luxor Hotel & Casino$130.33$1124Book
Excalibur Hotel & Casino$106.73$963Book

*Nightly Rate does not include Resort Fees.
** Total includes free cancellation, all fees including taxes & resort fees

The deal for Luxor currently is great for the location and would be my budget choice. Mandalay Bay is where the action will happen, so it’s what we chose. And Excalibur is connected, so would also be a nice choice.

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