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The Aria Resort & Casino is one of my favorite hotels in Las Vegas. It has a modern feel, young vibe, and one of the best food scenes on the strip. Its central location makes it an ideal spot for Vegas virgins and veterans alike and allows for easy access to all the strip has to offer.

I highly recommend Aria for most people visiting Vegas. It is a luxury hotel and the cost does reflect it relative to other properties, so if you’re on a strict budget, you may not find Aria in your sweet spot. But because of it’s amazing food options, lively casino, amazing central location, and overall hip vibe, Aria is one of my top recommendations.

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Aria Resturants & Food

Aria is a luxury property in the MGM family and is home to some of the best restaurants in the world! From world-famous chefs including Jean George (Jean George’s Steakhouse), Michael Mina (Bardot Brasserie), and James Beard Award-winning Shawn McClain (Sage & Five50 Pizza Bar), Julian Serrano (Julian Serrano Tapas) to amazing tastes inspired from cuisines from around the world like Herringbone, Lemongrass (Thai), and Blossom (Chinese), there is truly something for everyone.

Aria Entertainment, Bars, & Clubs

If you’re looking for some fun, Aria’s casinos is one of my favorites. It’s modern decor and expansive game selection ensures you will find your game of choice. If you’re looking for a party, Jewel Nightclub offers some of the hottest parties on the strip and features some of the hottest DJ’s in Vegas. LIQUID Pool Lounge is a great place to start the party off right, with rager pool parties during the day. And with more than 5 bars scattered throughout the casino floor, you’ll never go thirsty.


Jewel Nightclub is where the hottest people watch the hottest DJs in Vegas

Aria High-Roller Suites

If you are a high roller, Aria Sky Suites offer some of the most baller rooms in all of Vegas. They don’t come cheap, but the sky suites come with a personal concierge, there own lounge, and suites up to 2,060 square feet of awesomeness.

This Aria Sky Suite can be your home away from home in Vegas… But it will cost you.

Location & People Watching

Aria is one of the most hip, cool hotels on the strip, so you can always find interesting people hanging around. In July, the NBA summer league takes over Vegas and players and coaches are hanging around the pool, casino, and hotel. Last July, I saw Luke Walton (coach of the LA Lakers) cashing in chips at the casino and nearly ran into Tyronn Lue at the pool. In addition, Vegas hosts a number of conferences and company events and we always find groups taking over areas of the casino. If you like being at the center of the action, Aria is a great place to be.

Aria vs Other Hotels in Las Vegas

Are you still on the fence? Or deciding which hotel is perfect for you? I think everyone will like Aria, but we want you to LOVE it. Here’s a list of reasons you should choose Aria for your Vegas trip and some additional hotel options if it’s not for you.

Aria is not cheap. It can vary heavily depending on when you are going, but it will be in the upper tier of cost for hotels on the strip. Often, you are deciding between Aria, Bellagio, The Cosmopolitan, Caesars, Wynn, or the Venetian.





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Aria is newer than most of the hotels it competes with (with the exception of The Cosmo, which is very similar in age). It is modern and hip, most similar to the Cosmo and Wynn. My wife says that Aria has a more masculine theme, whereas Cosmo is more feminine aesthetic. The Wynn is amazing, but it attracts a slightly older crowd than Aria or Cosmo. As for food, Aria and The Cosmopolitan are my two favorite food scenes, with Cosmo having a slight edge because of the mid-tier options.

As for Aria vs Caesars or the Venetian, both offer a much better shopping experience than Aria. They are more traditional and have much more of a theme. Aria is more of a place to be seen than a destination. I think at this level of hotel, you can’t really go wrong, but I prefer the central location and modern theme for Aria, but I do appreciate the forum shops in Caesars and the gandalas and gellato at the Venitian.

Thinking about Aria vs The Bellagio? Aria is the cooler, younger brother who works at a startup and wears V-necks under his sports coat. Bellagio is the established, wealthy brother who loves getting in a tuxedo for a night on the town. Both are awesome, but it’s my opinion you will always love one much more than the other. I will pick Aria 100/100 times, but only because it’s much more my vibe.

Aria Pro-Tips

Every hotel has interesting, cool, and tasty treats that sets it apart. Here are few things that I’ve found in my time in Aria.

Hair of the Dog? Order a Bloody Mary on the Casino floor. It is by far the best “free” Bloody Mary I found on any casino floor. You usually get some cheap mix other places, but the Bloody Mary was really good.

Considering a suite? I have booked a normal room (as an MLife Member) and been offered suite upgrades via email before going. Also, another time I upgraded while checking in. If you’re wanting a better price and willing to risk it, it could be worth it.

I like upgrading to the suites at Aria because they offer a reception area with complimentary coffee, finger foods, water bottles, and soft drinks. We utlized this pretty heavily and grabbed extra drinks and water for the room, as well as grabbing a bite whenever we were hungry before dinner or for a light lunch.

Get the almond croissant from the Aria Patisserie. Or anything really. You will thank me! The Patisserie is a not-at-all hidden gym right near the elevators at the Aria and also at the Bellagio. This is perfect for a quick breakfast or a late night snack. This was the former Jean Philippe and they’ve kept the recipes while losing the name. No matter where we stay, we alway go and get at least a few croissants.

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