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We followed the orders and weaved our way down the dimly lit path towards the Atomic Saloon Show theater. It was a dark and winding path which, unbeknownst to me at the time (but became clear quickly), was a perfect foreshadow for what we were about to witness.

As we turned the last corner, moving from the hallway and into the light, the stage emerged, and it was beautiful. We were transformed to a the old west, stage in the middle, raptures around the entire stage, and bar booths around the edge. Above, raptures with more seating and the guest with pew views on display for all to see. We grabbed a drink from the back bar, also perfectly captured, and heading for our seats.

As expected, the set was intimate and the crowd was part of the show. It’s part of the magic of the Spiegelworld productions, catapulting us to another world. Nuns walked by with wine, the preacher took collections, the cousins took shots with people in the front row, and an unlucky cowboy was dragged right by our table with enough arrows in his back to kill an elephant… all before the first line.

As the show got started, the characters are jarring, dirty, and sexy. There is eye candy from the get-go and the filthy jokes fly fast and furious from the jump. The over-the-top personalities were a bit grating at first, but I quickly accepted and enjoyed their “quirks”.

The next hour included singing, dancing, humping, stripping, cussing, sliding, falling, fighting, boozing, debauchery, stretching, swinging, shooting, hooping, playing, bending, bouncing, and lots and lots of laughs. The variety acts were dazzling, beautiful, and ultimately sex-fueled. Atomic Saloon Show knows what it wants to be and it delivered time and time again.


This was not Absinthe, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. But Atomic Saloon Show was the perfect follow-up to the sensation that is Absinthe in a way that Opium couldn’t be. The variety acts were daring, the production was high-quality, the setting was intimate, the humor was dirty, and the characters were relatable. It has the one or two acts that everyone was talking about outside the show.

The brothel bar was a perfect location to showcase beautiful performers doing amazing acts. There were surprises throughout the performance and the sense that anything could happen and anyone could walk through the saloon doors. Overall, it was not just a show, it was an experience. For a couple hours, we were dropped into a new, exciting, inappropriate world. In the PC world of 2019, it was a refreshingly raunchy break from the decisive world outside the saloon.

Atomic Saloon Show is our favorite new show. Like Absinthe, it is a show that you will want to go back to time and time again, if nothing else to catch the small, hidden humor that is lurking throughout the stage. It is a stark contrast to the large, produced Vegas shows like Cirque du Soleil and brings a much more raw, adult flair to Sin City.





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