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Happy National Pizza Day! Today is as good as any to celebrate the amazing pizza that can be found in Las Vegas. This may not be the best pizza, only our favorite pizza joints that we’ve had on our trips to Vegas. You should check out Eater’s full list of essential pizza joints in Vegas. That said, this is a holiday for everyone, so tell us your favorites on The Dent Facebook Group Page here!

Hidden Pizza (The Pizzeria) – The Cosmopolitan

This is our favorite pizza spot. Whenever we go to the Cosmo, we alway end up grabbing a slice or two from this hidden gem. The white pizza hits the spot after an afternoon at the pool, a late lunch, or a quick bite at the end of the night.

Why we love it? We like the price, that it’s always ready, and that it always hits the spot. We’ve never had a bad slice, but tend to lean towards the white pizza. You can always grab a beer here also to complete the pizza experience.

Why we don’t? Depending on the time of day, the line can get a little crazy, especially since it’s near the entrance of Marquee Day Club. That said, it’s never a dull moment when drunk partiers are standing in line waiting for some sustenance, so it’s not all bad. I also with they had breadsticks or other non-za options, but that’s a bit picky.

Five50 – ARIA Resort & Casino

We had high expectations for Five50 and it came close to living up to it. It took quite a bit longer than we expected for a quick lunch, but they had nice lunch special prices and overall the quality was good.


What we loved? Lunch special was a good value for $18. We would have definitely split it if for 2 if we could have only picked one! It was plenty of food with a salad. Beer selection was solid. And if you love wood-fired pizza, Five50 does it right. $5 milk shake add-ons was also a plus.

What we didn’t? We spent quite a bit of time waiting for our pizza (apparently it takes some time to heat up that 550 degree oven). While the lunch special was a good value, overall the menu is on the expensive side, but the quality was there to justify the price. Just not sure I’d make it a staple of my Vegas trips.

Giordano’s Deep Dish – The Vegas Strip

Giordano’s is available locally (Indianapolis area via Chicago), so we don’t have it in Vegas. But if you haven’t tried true Chicago Deep Dish, it’s an experience you should have. Some describe it as Pizza Lasagna and if you love cheese, it will be a dream. You only need a piece or two, as these things are extra filling!

What we love? The ability to check out a Chicago classic in the sin city. There’s nothing else like it, so it’s worth the experience.





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What we don’t? The wait! These things are massive and often time take 45 minutes to prepare. There’s lots going on in Vegas, so time is valuable. But if you have some patience, the result is amazing!

Pizza Rock – Downtown Vegas

Pizza Rock is often named the best pizza in Vegas and it doesn’t disappoint. These gaurmet pizzas are worth the trek downtown. The 700 degree brick oven gives these slices a unique flavor. Try the award-winning NEW YORKER or the MARGHERITA if it’s still available (since they only make 73/day)

What we love? Everything! This award winning pizza has everything you want. We can’t recommend the Magherita enough and judges agree, as it was named the World Pizza Cup Winner in Naples, Italy, which knows a thing or two about pizza.

What we don’t? It’s not on the strip, so it take some special planning for the majority of our strips.

Sirrico’s Pizza – New York-New York

This is another place we seem to end up at often. When staying at Aria or Park MGM, the quick options are a little lacking and a quick stop at NYNY makes it alright. This is pretty traditional thin crust, foldable pizza, but it’s solid, fast, and reasonably priced.

What we love? The location, price, and quality. This reminds me of grabbing a cheap slice in NY City, so it hits the right make there.

What we don’t? There’s nothing life-altering, but I don’t think that’s the point. It may not be fancy, but it hits the spot if you need a late night slice or an inexpensive lunch.

What we’ve learned making this list is that we need to order more pizza in Vegas! Until next National Pizza Day, tell us your favorites that we need to check out when we’re there in March or June!

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2 thoughts on “It’s National Pizza Day. Here’s Our 5 Favorite Pizza Pies in Vegas.

  1. Sarah says:

    Yum! National Pizza Day is my favorite holiday 🙂 I missed all these when I was in Vegas, now I can’t wait to go back and try a few!

    -Sarah |

  2. The Dent Staff says:

    When’s the next trip? I ask because I always have at least one planned to stay grounded!

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