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We love the food scene in Vegas and when we’re in town, we are having a nice dinner each and every night. Vegas has everything and with new places popping up seemingly every week, it’s hard to not find a great new place to grab a bite to eat.

Today, we will focus on one of the staples, the steakhouse. We’ve been to plenty, but there are still more on our list to checkout. If you’re looking for a great steak on the strip to celebrate a birthday or just being in the greatest city in the world, check out our favorite steakhouses we’ve been to and those we want to get to next.

Bavette’s @ Park MGM

Surprised that the new kid on the block is at the top of our list? Me too! I passed on the opportunity to try Bavette’s while at the Park MGM and again while staying at Aria even though I had heard great things. But in March, we finally took the plunge and tried the Chicago-born steakhouse.

And it was impressive. I don’t know if I would put it as “the best” of the steakhouses I’ve been to in Vegas, but it is most definitely in the conversation. But my dinner-mate and I agreed it was at the top of the heap as far as favorites.

To start, the atmosphere is what I want in a top-notch steakhouse. It has a classic feel that makes me feel like I’m walking into someplace special. We were taken to our table by the sommelier who was quick-witted and fabulous. We didn’t talk about much the wine list (as we had our heart set on bourbon), but in a quick interaction, I felt like this was a place I wanted to be.


Our waiter was outstanding, interesting and funny without needing to overstay his welcome. His recommendations were spot on and seemed tailored to us in some way, as I heard a group next to us getting slightly different suggestions.

So the atmosphere is first-class, but how about the food? It was awesome. Our Old Fashion was top-notch, our sides were interesting and tasty, and the filet was perfectly cooked. The kicker was the sauce. I don’t believe a steak needs a sauce, but the right one can take it to the next level. Bavette’s knocks it out of the park.

Overall, this is what I believe a steakhouse should feel like. Amazing atmosphere, tasty cocktails, and awesome food? What more can you want from a steakhouse?

zuma @ The Cosmopolitan

If I could only order one dish in Vegas, this is what I’d choose every time. gyuhire sumibiyaki karami zuke (spicy beef tenderloin with sesame, red chili and sweet soy)/

So, zuma is not a traditional steakhouse, but we’re not here for technicalities, we want to help you find the best steak on the strip. And if I could only eat one dish for the rest of my life, it would come from zuma. The gyuhire sumibiyaki karami zuke (spicy beef tenderloin with sesame, red chili and sweet soy) is the best dish I have ever had. Take a lookup and down this page and around the site (I’ve been to lots of amazing restaurants around the world) and you’ll see that’s quite the accomplishment.





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I never go to Vegas without hitting up zuma and no matter what the order, it always includes the spicy beef. It’s that special. That said, the rest of the menu is awesome as well. It’s one of the coolest vibes around and I love that the food comes out as soon as it’s ready, so there’s always something at the table (rather than everything coming at once).

STK @ The Cosmopolitan

If you want a steakhouse with a lively atmosphere, STK is the top choice. It’s loud and vibrant, stylish and cool. It fits perfectly with the vibe at The Cosmo, as it’s flirty, fun, and top-notch.

I don’t usually order a ribeye, but decided to try the dry-aged Delmonico (14ox), which was absolutely delightful. STK offers plenty of steak toppings (King Crab “Oscar”, lobster, shrimp, jalapeno onions, foie gras, truffle butter. peppercorn crusted) and a wide variety of sauces at $4 each (STK, STK Bold, chimichurri, blue butter, Au Poivre, bearnaise, horseradish, red wine) to make your steak your own.

Jean George @ Aria

Visiting a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant is an experience in an of itself, with two Michelin stars in his empire. One of the top chefs in the world, this namesake steakhouse is one of the best steakhouses on the strip. This is a classic steakhouse in Aria with amazing cuts, an awesome wine list, and some of the best sauces that have ever graced a steak.

Whether you want something special like the 42oz Wagyu Tomahawk or A5 certified Kobe beef or more traditional like the 8oz fillet, it will always be cooked perfectly at Jean-Georges. Sides include black truffle mac & cheese, truffle mashed potatoes, and king oyster mushrooms make the sides anything but an afterthought.

Prime @ Bellagio

Steak with a view. Prime might just be the best location on the strip.

Sometimes it’s hard explaining the difference between an amazing steak at Jean Georges and an exquisite steak at Prime, another steakhouse from Jean-Georges Vongerichten. But Prime has something that sets it apart and makes it the most special location on the list… you can get a table just feet from the Bellagio Fountains.

If you are looking for a special occasion destination dinner, Prime will never disappoint. You have to be specific and early to ensure you get a reservation overlooking the Fountains, but the effort is well worth it.

Can’t get a table with a view? One of the bars gives a sneak peek of the Fountains and is a great backup plan. This is where we set for our dinner and we were able to order a full meal and get drinks in an instant, another bonus!

Charlie Palmer Steak Las Vegas @ Four Seasons Las Vegas

Charlie Palmer Steak is in the Four Seasons but offers a quiet and private dining experience. We have hit this up twice for the Vegas Restaurant week, where we got steak, lobster, sides, and endless wine for just $50. Its one of our favorite Restaurant Week deals and is worth hitting up even without the amazing deal.

Where I want to go…

I’ve tried a good number of steakhouses, but there are plenty more to try over my next visits. These options are all on or near the strip, but there are also some amazing deals on Downtown Vegas Steakhouses also. These are just a few of the places that are on my list to try soon!

 Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres

José Andrés is one of my favorite chefs and his concepts (Jaleo and China Pablano) are two of my favorite places in Vegas. His unique ability to bring food from different cultures together makes Bazaar Meat such an intriguing concept. If this was in a different location (Sahara, which was SLS previously) I would have already checked out this hot spot.

It will take a special trip to make it happen, but it’s on my shortlist to try this concept from my favorite chef in Vegas. This unique menu and high expectations will make it worth the effort.

Other Vegas Steakhouses

There are plenty of other steakhouses that I want to try in Vegas. Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak at the MGM Grand was on my list last time I stayed there, but I didn’t end up making it. CUT by Wolfgang Puck at the Pallazo and SW Steakhouse at The Wynn also look great. And I’ve heard great things about Delmonico Steakhouse at The Venitian and Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris.

What are your favorite steakhouses in Vegas? What are the best steakhouses for the value? Tell us your picks in the comments!

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