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The Coronavirus has over 25% of the US locked down and is impacting the daily life of nearly every person in the world. Travel may seem inconsequential in this current state of the world, but for many of us, going to our favorite destination is a critical way to have fun and escape the day-to-day grind.

Since travel has all but halted in most of the world, we want to bring some of our favorite destinations to your living room, home office, TV, or wherever you are quarantining.

Let’s jump around the world and check out the cams for some of the most fascinating animals in the world. We will start in Iowa, The Decorah Eagles, head to China to see Panda Bears, head to the artic to check in on polar bears, see gorillas in DCR, and end on some of the cutest animals in the world, the penguin.

The Decorah Eagles

This bald eagle nest is located near a trout hatchery in Decorah, Iowa. After two of this pair’s nests were destroyed, the Raptor Resource Project team began constructing this nest with the hopes that the eagles would take it over and build upon it–and they have! Watch as they come back each year to raise another brood.

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The Panda Bear – Wolong Grove Panda Yard

The Wolong Grove live cam at the Shenshuping Gengda Panda Center in China’s Wolong Valley Nature Reserve provides views into 11 different panda yards. Watch as these giant pandas go about their day in this lush bamboo oasis.

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Polar Bear Cams: Cape East – Wapusk National Park

This polar bear cam is streaming from Cape Churchill in northern Manitoba’s Wapusk National Park, home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of polar bear maternity dens. In October and November, watch these bear families wait for sea ice–a critical hunting platform for polar bears–to form.

Gorilla Forest Corridor at Tje GRACE Center, Kasugho, Eastern DRC

The corridor connects the gorillas’ night quarters with the DRC forest habitat at GRACE and is the area viewers will most often see the Grauer’s gorillas as they come and go from the forest. Watch as the gorillas pass through, graze on vegetation, and maybe even make a nest for their overnight slumber. The gorillas can choose where to sleep and they often choose to bed down inside their night building, but they sometimes sleep outside too. Also, because they eat so much fibrous vegetation, gorillas spend a lot of time resting and digesting. Expect to see some spectacularly lazy afternoon nap sessions! 





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Penguin Beach

The Magellanic penguin exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California is home to over 20 different penguins–each one with a unique personality! Look for the color-coded name tag on the penguin’s wings and then read more about each penguin on the Penguin Guide.

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