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The Coronavirus has over 25% of the US locked down and is impacting the daily life of nearly every person in the world. Travel may seem inconsequential in this current state of the world, but for many of us, going to our favorite destination is a critical way to have fun and escape the day-to-day grind.

Since travel has all but halted in most of the world, we want to bring some of our favorite destinations to your living room, home office, TV, or wherever you are quarantining.

Today, we will take a trip to Tampa Florida to the Big Cat Rescue. This gives a first-hand view of how big cats are being rescued, including surgery, feedings, and live looks as these cats live their life.

Please note, these are live cams of big cats, so please be advised this may not be for everyone.

The Tiger Lake Cam

This live cam overlooks Big Cat Rescue’s Tiger Lake, where tigers can cool off in the water or take a drink. Two separate tiger enclosures both have access to the lake, with one tiger in each enclosure. Keep an eye out if you don’t see one immediately–tigers like to move around!


The Kitten Cabana Cam

This live cam provides a glimpse into some of the smaller felines at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Watch as rescued domestic kittens are bottle-fed and socialized until they are big enough to be placed in permanent homes by the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

The Bobcat Rehab Intensive Care Cam

This live cam overlooks the intensive care section of Big Cat Rescue’s bobcat rehabilitation area. Watch as injured and orphaned bobcats get the medical attention and rehabilitation they need so they can be re-released into the wild!

The Big Cat Rescue Vacation Rotation Cam

Welcome to the Vacation Rotation, a 2.5-acre enclosure where each lion and tiger gets a two-week vacation out in the big play area. Look for cats by the pond, the cave, and on the platforms.

Nikita The Lioness Cam

This live cam shows the home of Nikita, a lioness that came to Big Cat Sanctuary after being seized in a drug raid and then sent to a zoo. At nearly 500 pounds, Nikita is larger than even most male lions! Look for her in her favorite spots: up on the platform and in the bushes in back.





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Lion & Tiger Feeding Station

This is a cam of live feedings. Please be advised this is not for everyone!

This live cam overlooks a feeding station at Big Cat Rescue. This station is attached to a 2.5 acre enclosure called the Vacation Rotation. Tune in regularly to watch the cats dining!

Windsong Memorial Cat Hospital Surgery Room

This is a cam of a live surgery room. Please be advised this is not for everyone!

This live cam is positioned directly above the operating table in Big Cat Rescue’s on-site hospital, where 70-90 procedures are performed every year. Most cats at Big Cat Rescue are older cats in their late teens and early 20’s in need of medical care to ensure their comfort.

All footage thanks to Big Cat Rescue. Want to help? Donate here.

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