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The Coronavirus has over 25% of the US locked down and is impacting the daily life of nearly every person in the world. Travel may seem inconsequential in this current state of the world, but for many of us, going to our favorite destination is a critical way to have fun and escape the day-to-day grind.

Since travel has all but halted in most of the world, we want to bring some of our favorite destinations to your living room, home office, TV, or wherever you are quarantining.

Today, we will travel to Atlanta Georgia to the world-famous Georgia Aquarium, where we can get a live look at a beluga whale, underwater puffin, Indo-Pacific barrier reef, African Pinguins, Southern Sea Otters, jellyfish, piranha, and the ocean voyager cam.

As of March 23rd, the zoo is closed, but you can still get a glimpse of these magnificent animals in the comfort of your own home.

The Beluga Whale Webcam – View Live

Beluga whales are small, white whales that live in the cold waters throughout the Arctic and some subarctic locations. They can be found in a variety of habitats, from deep offshore to shallow bays. Some even swim far up rivers. Belugas are social, and form groups called pods.


Learn more about beluga whales or check out the live webcam.

The Jellyfish Webcam – View Live

The moon jellys are translucent and whitish in color, often shaded with pink or blue. Main parts include a shallow bell-shaped dome or disk that can reach 2 feet (61 cm) in diameter, with numerous short, fine, fringe-like tentacles around the margin.

In open water, extends tentacles that hang down like a veil. The four white, horseshoe-shaped structures that can be seen through its translucent dome are reproductive organs. Four oral arms hang down from the center of the bottom surface of the dome. These arms are not always obvious.

Learn more about moon jellies or check out the live webcam.





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African Penguins Webcam – View Live

This small, distinctive penguin is found on the rocky coasts of Southwestern Africa, in the countries of Namibia and South Africa. They feed exclusively on marine species, mainly fish and squid. Hunting involves venturing from shore, sometimes as far as nine miles off the coast, and swallowing food whole. After hatching, an African penguin chick will be fed by its parents for as long as three months.

Learn more about African Penguins or check out the live webcam.

Ocean Voyager Webcam – View Live

Our Ocean Voyager gallery, built by The Home Depot is home to four whale sharks, four manta rays and thousands of other fascinating fish. As one of the largest single aquatic exhibits in the world, Ocean Voyager features an acrylic tunnel for guests to view thousands of marine creatures on all sides, as well as a giant acrylic viewing window to explore our oceans like never before.

This exhibit was specially designed to house whale sharks, the largest fish species in the world. Schools of predatory trevally jacks, squadrons of small and large stingrays, enormous goliath grouper and several sharks all ply the waters of this ocean habitat.

With 4,574 square feet of viewing windows, a 100-foot-long underwater tunnel, 185 tons of acrylic windows and one of the largest viewing windows in the world at 23 feet tall by 61 feet wide and 2 feet thick, visitors will have multiple opportunities to view all of these magnificent animals.

Learn more about Ocean Voyager gallery or check out the live webcam.

Piranha Webcam – View Live

Found primarily in the Orinoco River Basin, these infamous “man eaters” form large schools and can inflict serious bites. However, black spot piranha feed primarily on fish, birds, benthic crustaceans, insects, aquatic vegetation and seeds from land-based plants.

Learn more about the Black Spot Piranha or check out the live webcam.

We know this is a trying time and we are all missing the things we love to do, but because of amazing online experiences like the Georgia Aquarium, we can still virtually travel to take our mind off the events of the world.

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