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At some point in every baseball fan’s life, they set the goal of visiting every MLB stadium. This might have been when you were a kid and had no idea about the logistics of such a task, or maybe it was later in life when a summer on the road away from your job sounded amazingly tempting.

I have been to 8 stadiums, but only 4 when they were playing games and two that are no longer being used (Cincinati and Atlanta). I’ve never seriously considered how I would accomplish going to every park, but it’s always been something I’d like to do.

With football season ending (at least for us here in Indianapolis) and pitchers and catchers reporting in just 32 days, I decided to take a look. I know that I will not have the time to do this in a full year, but the way I’ve thought about this is in 1-2 week chunks that hit as many stadiums as makes sense.

My criteria is simple for this exercise. Each block of stadiums should:

  • be accessible over one or part of two weeks
  • give options for games when available (both to choose a team or travel timing)
  • include the ability to make this an entire summer and do all the blocks (i.e. no dates overlap)
  • include special attention to try to see every team
  • be optimal for baseball weather (i.e. no Chicago in March)
  • try to keep travel costs as reasonable as possible

So without further ado, here’s how you can visit every MLB stadium in 2019.


Opening Day & Bonus Points for Tokyo

Bonus Points! The A’s will play the Mariners to open the season at the Tokyo Dome.

Opening Day is March 28th and all 30 teams will be playing. We left this weekend open on our schedule because we know that many taking advantage of this will want to do opening day at their home ballpark.

If you’re looking for some bonus points, the real start to the season is in Tokyo this year, where the Seattle Mariners play the host Oakland A’s on March 20-21. This would be an amazing start to your trip and you would have a leg up on any of your friends who try this in the future… 31 ball parks is better than 30!


We start in the south because we want good weather and this schedule gives us options if there is a rainout in Miami or Atlanta. This could be as quick as Monday, April 1st through Friday, April 5th, or you could extend it a couple days in each direction to go Saturday, March 31st to April 7th. You could grab another game or two, catch a tan in Miami for a couple days, or extend your Atlanta stay for the weekend.

Marlins Park – Miami Marlins
3/31 – Rockies @ Marlins
4/1 – 4/3 – Mets @ Marlins





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The Trop (Tropicana Field) – Tampa Bay Rays
4/1 -4/3 Rockies @ Rays

SunTrust Stadium – Atlanta Braves
4/3 – 4/4 – Cubs @ Braves
4/5 – 4/7 – Marlins @ Braves

If this were my trip, I would fly into Miami on March 31st, spend a couple days on south beach and catch the Marlins/Mets game on the Tuesday, April 2nd. I would then head to Tampa Bay for Rays/Rockies on 4/3 (1:10pm game) then catch a flight to Atlanta to for the Cubs/Braves game on 4/4 (7:20pm game). Since I would have just watch the Marlins, I would take

I would fly into Miami on March 31st, spend a couple days on South Beach and catch the Marlins/Mets game on Tuesday, April 2nd. I would then head to Tampa Bay for Rays/Rockies on 4/3 (1:10 pm game) then catch a flight to Atlanta to for the Cubs/Braves game on 4/4 (7:20 pm game). Since I would have just watched the Marlins, I would head home sometime on Friday, April 5th.

Texas & Denver

Next, visit the Texas teams with a quick trip to Denver sliced in. Since Denver isn’t really close to any other stadium, you may find that it’s easier to tack on another trip or do alone. Unless you want to road trip through the Rockies, you’ll probably be flying to see Coors Field anyway.

This schedule gives you plenty of options in Houston to see two good teams, with a natural day off to get to the Dallas area (3.5-hour drive) to catch the Pirates/Rangers interleague play.

Minute Maid Park – Houston Astros
4/25 – 4/28 – Cleveland Indians

Global Life Park in Arlington – Texas Rangers
4/30 – 5/1 Pirates

Coors Field – Colorado Rockies
5/3 – 5/5 Diamondbacks

If this were my trip, I’d get into Houston early on Saturday, April 27th and catch the 4:05 pm game. I’d hit up the Sunday night game on the 28th and then travel on Monday to Dallas. I’d catch the Tuesday night game (8:05 pm) then catch the 2:05 game on May 1st and head to Denver that night. I’d spend a day exploring Denver and catch the 8:05 game on the Friday the 3rd and head back home on the 4th so I had a day if recovery on Sunday, May 5th.

East Coast

The East Coast trip will be one of the longer trips on the tour, but most of the stadiums are relatively close and easy to get around. We will be hitting at least 6 games in 10 days in a trip that will take us from May 18th to May 287th. This will hit some of the iconic teams and stadium with one of the most anticipated games of the year on the map. We do miss a Yankees/Red Sox matchup, but we do get the Red Sox/Astros with the last two champions squaring off.

Fenway Park – Boston Red Sox
5/17 – 5/19 – Astros

Yankee Stadium – New York Yankees
5/18 – 5/20 – Orioles

Citi Field – New York Mets
5/20 – 5/22 Nats

Oriole Park at Camden Yards – Baltimore Orioles
5/22 – 5/23 – Yankees

Nationals Park – Washington Nationals
5/24 – 5/27 – Marlins

Citizens Bank Park – Philadelphia Phillies
5/28 – 5/30 – Cardinals

I would start this trip with one of the best match-ups of the year, with the defending World Champion Red Sox rematch with the 2017 World Series Champion Astros. I would want to catch as much of this series as possible, so I would only move on to Yankee Stadium for the 5/20 match-up with the Oriels.

I would then hit Citi Field on the 21st to catch the Mets and Nets. I’d spend a couple day in NYC then I would then swing over to Camden Yards to catch the Yankees and Orioles on the 23rd and the Nationals on the 24th. I would spend a few days in DC sightseeing before heading to Philly for a one-game set between the Cardinals and Phillies.

This is one of the longer stretches of games, but would allow for some sightseeing in two iconic cities (NYC and Washington DC), so this would be a perfect trip to take the family.

Midwest & Great Lakes

The first leg of the midwest/Great Lakes trip is one of my favorites. This slate of games offers some of the best rivalries (Cubs/Cardinals, Cubs/White Sox) and hits many of the most popular teams in the sport today (Cubs, Cardinals, Red Sox, Yankees). We’d get a good mix of divisional games and Interleague play.

Busch Stadium – Saint Louis Cardinals
5/31 – 6/2 – Cubs

Kauffman Stadium – Kansas City Royals
6/4 – 6/6 – Red Sox

Target Field – Minnesota Twins
6/11 – 6/13 – Mariners

Guarantee Rate Field – Chicago White Sox
6/13 – 6/16 – Yankees

Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs
6/18 – 6/19 – White Sox

Miller Park – Milwaukee Brewers
6/20 – 6/23 – Reds

If this were my trip, I’d hit the entire weekend series for the Cubs/Cardinals in Saint Louis. I’d then make the short trip to Kansas City and catch the Royals against the defending World Champion Red Sox. Living in the midwest, I would swing home for the weekend and a short break then hit up Target field for the Thursday, June 13 matchup of the Twins and Mariners at Target Field.

I would then make the trip to Chicago for the White Sox/Yankees series and spend a few days catching the sites before hitting the Cross Town Classic at Wrigley Field on the 18th and 19th. I would then head an hour and a half north and watch the Reds and Brewers on the 20th before heading back home.

Midwest, Great Lakes, & Canada

The second leg of our midwest stadiums takes place in late July, which should be ideal baseball weather if you like the heat. These stadiums are more spread out than most of our other trips, so we left time at the end of June and beginning of July to make this section work. July 4th and that weekend is not on our list, so that could be a perfect time to hit up your local or favorite team or just spend time with friends and family.

Great American Ball Park – Cincinnati Reds
7/18- 7/20 – Cardinals

Progressive Field – Cleveland Indians
7/19 – 7/21 – Royals

Rogers Centre – Toronto Blue Jays
7/22 – 24th – Indians

Comerica Park – Detroit Tigers
7/23 – 7/24 – Phillies

PNC Park – Pittsburg Pirates
7/22 – 7/25 – Cardinals

If this was my trip, I would start this leg in Cincinnati on the 20th and then take the 3.5 hour trip to Cleveland up I-71 to catch the Indians host the Royals on the 21st. I would then follow the Indians over the border to catch the Blue Jays host the Indians on the 22nd and then head down to Detroit for the Phillies on the 23rd. I would then head to Pittsburg to catch the Pirates and Cardinals on the 24th or 25th. The Pittsburg game is a bit out of the way here, so I may try to tack that on to another trip or do a solo trip earlier in the month.


Just like east coast teams, our west coast trip might seem like it goes on forever, because, well, it just might. This is another trip that may need to be split apart into two if you have time off considerations, but there are plently of options here. This trip wraps up our entire tour before September. This leg of the trip offers some nice intriguing games (A’s/Astros, Dodgers/Yankees), a chance to catch the new look Padres (with Manny) and the best player in the game (Mike Trout).

Safeco Field – Seattle Mariners
8/7 – 8/11 – Rays

AT&T Park – San Francisco Giants
8/13 – 8/14 – Athletics

Oakland Coliseum – Oakland Athletics
8/15 – 8/18 – Astros

Chase Field – Arizona Diamondbacks
8/19 – 8/21 – Rockies

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
8/20 – 8/23 – Quick Stop in Vegas to make some bets

Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles Dodgers
8/23 – 8/25 – Yankees

Angels Stadium – Los Angeles Angels
8/27 – 8/28 – Rangers

Petco Park – San Diego Padres
8/27 – 8/28 – Dodgers

If this were my trip, I would start in Seattle and catch the 8/11 game against the Rays. I would head down to San Fransisco and catch the Giants/A’s for a two-game set and then catch a game in Oakland against the Astros. I would then head likely make a pit stop in Vegas for the weekend before heading down the final stretch.

I would take in the Dodgers Yankees for the 3 game set, spend a couple days around LA, and then catch the end of the Angels/Rangers series. I would then end my adventure in San Diego on the 28th to catch the Dodgers/Padres.

Extra Innings

If you were able to take this trip, you would be on the road for at least 75 days. You would have been at the ballpark for 27 weekend days, meaning you would have needed to take off 48 days (not counting holidays). You would have hit 27 cities and had the chance to spend extra time in many of the major cities in America.

Would you like to complete this challenge? Is this on your bucket list? Have you already visited all the stadiums or just a handful? Tell us about your story in the comments! And share this with your baseball loving friends, family, and social media to help evangelize our favorite summer past time!

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