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Just about now, the Raiders are (hopefully) wrapping up their last game in Oakland against the Jaguars. It is a sad day for Oakland and fans that are the most loyal and dedicated in all of sports. For them, this may be more bitter than bittersweet, but as they say, you’re a Raider till you die.

The Al – Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas

The Raiders are about to get a new crop of fans that likely haven’t been fans all their life, or at least not die-hard fans whether they like it or not. And today, around 4:15 PM on the west coast, Raider Nation changes its north star.

Want more information on the move? We have tailgating info here, the tentative schedule here, and how we think the move will help the fiances here.

Are you excited about the move to Vegas? Pissed off? A little of both? No matter what you think, I believe the move will ultimately help the product on the field, as Vegas will be a free agent destination and the added revenue will ensure the Raiders have all the resources to compete in the new NFL.

Will it be enough? We will see. But it will be a wild ride. Thank You, Oakland! Viva Las Vegas!


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