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Whether the Raider Nation masses are ready or not, membership to the one and only Nation has officially opened with the upcoming move to Las Vegas. For some, this will test their love for the Raiders, but for many around the country, Vegas is something of a second home, their happy place that they visit yearly and love dearly.

This marriage of a global brand like the Raiders and a city that welcomes over 40 million visitors from around the globe each year will ensure that a new breed of Raiders fan joins Raider Nation and buy tickets for Vegas in 2020. It is inevitable and it is coming. Membership to Raider Nation is officially open.

Some of the profiles for these new fans could include:

  • Fans from Vegas, Nevada, and the entire surrounding region. These fans may already be Raiders fans or may have followed one of the other teams, but without an NFL team legacy will now have a home team.
  • A new breed of sports fan that follows teams for players & stories, not a geographical location. You will see these fans in every NFL and NBA stadium in the country, wearing brand new LeBron James or Lamar Jackson jerseys, rooting for their new favorite team in their local stadium. Get ready Raider Nation, because they are coming. Thanks to social media and NFL Network, you can watch every game and follow favorite players in any market and the draw of the Raiders in Vegas will be a siron call, especially if the Raiders build on 2019 and start winning big in 2020.
  • Casual fans who live in parts of the country without an NFL presence. There’s a large group of fans that loosely affiliate to some team (their dad was a Bob Griese fan, so they follow the Dolphins, for example) that suddenly have an NFL team with a location they can get to and a story they can relate to.
  • And last, but certainly not least, the massive Raider Nation, spanning the entire globe. These fans will now have a new home-base in a city that is more conducive to the national fan base than Oakland may have been. Fans (like me), who watched the games and rooted from afar (the Midwest in my case), suddenly have a chance to go to Vegas for gameday weekends and take in the atmosphere. Rather than watching alone in the basement, these fans will have a new community.
  • As an added bonus, SoCal-based Raider fans. If it’s not obvious enough when the Raiders play at the Chargers, LA is still a Raiders town. And with the move to Vegas, a quick 3-4 hour weekend trip means that fan-base can be re-energized, reactivated, and even grown.

Before going any further, we want to make it clear that we understand that many in Raider Nation are upset at losing their hometown team. We would be too! The lifelong, local fans have been through the ups and downs. We don’t want to minimize this, but, as they say, life goes on. The Raiders will play their next game in Vegas and there’s no stopping it. We want to celebrate that heritage and build on the greatest fanbase in the world and make sure all the new fans understand that Raider Nation was born in Oakland and spread to Los Angeles.

With all that said, we want to help make all these new fans feel welcome and ensure they understand the history of the Raiders and why the Nation is so passionate about their Raiders. The Raiders have a deep and unique history that has built the most loyal and fanatical fan bases in the entire NFL.


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