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The Raider Nation Perspective is a series showcasing contributions from Raider fans. Our Raider Nation perspective today comes from Heather Brickell. Share the Raider love & follow Heather on Twitter @heatherbrickell).

EDITOR NOTE: We appreciate Heather using this platform to raise awareness for this great cause.  We have decided to donate $5 for every Doing Vegas Right Sticker Pack we sell in June and July to help @RaiderCody meet his goal of $5K.  We will make a minimum donation of $100 and hopefully much more.  You can buy the sticker pack here or donate directly here.

Raider Nation is one of the most intimidating fan bases in all of professional sports, but under all the spikes, face paint, and masks lie hearts bigger than the nation they represent.  As many players, staff, and even fans make their way to call Las Vegas home, a well-known voice of Raider Nation is sending out a request to make incredible changes in the lives of the city’s youth. podcaster Raider Cody has been providing insight to team happenings, player news, and all things Silver & Black along with friend Kenny King Jr. for about a year.  As the team began to settle into their new home, the world is also settling into a new normal; and faced with some unsettling realities that weighed heavily on everyone, Cody wanted to step and do something to make a difference. 

Buy this sticker pack and we’ll donate $5

After speaking with those at and Kenny King, Cody began researching different organizations for which to raise funds. When I asked Cody, what drew him to the organization he said, “Let’s help out the kids.  One morning I woke up and said let’s just help out the kids.  And with what is going on in the world, whether we’re all right or we’re all wrong, if there’s chaos I feel like the kids are the first to suffer.” 

After posting his podcast, Las Vegas’ Greater Youth Sports Association posted a comment that simply said, “We’ll be listening.”  Greater Youth Sports Association, founded by Devonte Woodson and Annalise Lullo, provides accessibility to youth sports for kids in grades 1st -5th who would not be able to participate due to the financial burden.


GYSA allows the kids to play three sports: flag football, soccer, and basketball for little to no cost.  As a sports mom, I can attest to the extraordinary cost of playing sports. 

However, Woodson and Lullo have built a program that also puts focus on education, teamwork, and character.  They are providing the kids of Vegas an outlet for their energy and Raider Cody is asking Raider Nation to help grow the program. 

He has a goal of $5000.00 which will provide approximately 120 kids access to this after school program for one full year.  Times are tough right now and life is barely returning to normal, yet every dollar can help. 

For more information on the program visit Greater Youth Sports Association (@youth_greater) or see Raider Cody’s video here (@RaiderCody





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