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The Raider Nation Perspective is a series showcasing contributions from Raider fansOur Raider Nation perspective today comes from Andrew Aziz. Share the Raider love & follow Andrew on Twitter at @andrewaziz711).

In a city that thrives off its 40 million tourists per year, Las Vegas is home to the majority of Nevada’s 2.8 million residents and is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.

Boasting attractions for adults and families alike, Sin City has been expanding its palate for entertainment. Las Vegas is known for its outlet of adult entertainment options (lust, drinking, and gambling along with other things), as well as a plethora of nightlife options.

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It has also added a successful and energetic professional hockey team, the Vegas Golden Knights, and will now host one of the most storied franchises in the National Football League’s history, the Las Vegas Raiders.

Hosting their first home game in their sleek new stadium, Allegiant Stadium, the Vegas Raiders face the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday, August 27th, 2020 at 7:00 PM (MST). Although it is just a preseason game, and all of the starters might not suit up for the entirety of the game, it still gives Raiders fans from all over the world a chance to watch their team play in their fancy new stadium.


However, this also gives opposing fans who love the Vegas scene, another reason to visit and add “football game” to their itinerary which probably already includes all of Vegas’ “must-dos”.

Oakland was always known as a rowdy environment, one where you’d rarely find the opposing teams color in the stands unless it was behind the visitor’s sideline. And even then, the Silver and Black would heckle both athletes and their fan-base. Oakland touted many seasons where they sold-out the stadium, even though the team would usually provide a fairly lackluster performance.

The loyalty Raider Nation has for its team is unlike any you will find in the NFL, and they will always travel in a pack. Which is why the shift from Oakland to Las Vegas has been a smooth one, a shift that has provided the Raiders front-office a better than expected outcome in Personal Seat License (PSL) sales.

With the move to Vegas and the construction of the new stadium, the Raiders sold PSLs to those who wanted the chance to buy season tickets, as well as get premier pricing for other events the stadium would host (college football, Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, concerts, etc.). Raiders President, Marc Badain, said that the Raiders surpassed their expectation, and sold $549 million worth of PSLs.





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That money has been infused into the stadium, adding new features such as additional suites, a 26,000-square-foot field-level club, upgraded fixtures and art, and an upgraded internet connection. The 65,000-seat stadium sold out back in January of this year, which supports the notion that the Nation welcomed the move and will be willing to attend and watch the Silver & Black no matter where they play.

However, a 3rd-party market like StubHub has provided PSL holders the opportunity to sell these tickets as an investment. For example, a lower-level section 123 ticket for the home opener against the New Orleans Saints, which costs a season ticket holder $165, is reselling for no less than $1,580.

This opens the path for opposing fans, visitors and tourists who are not part of Raider Nation to purchase these tickets, occupy the seats and provide a disadvantage for the home team. Home-field advantage has always been something the Raider faithful pride themselves on. Being as loud and nasty as they can be toward the opposing players, coaches and fans is what kept Oakland ‘Silver and Black’ for so many years.

But, with four primetime home games for the Las Vegas Raiders (a franchise record for most primetime games at home), Allegiant Stadium will be a hot ticket item come fall. With matchups including: New Orleans Saints – MNF Home-opener (Sep. 22nd, 2020), Tampa Bay Buccaneers – SNF (Oct. 25th, 2020), Kansas City Chiefs – SNF (Nov. 22nd, 2020), and the Los Angeles Chargers (Dec. 17th, 2020), these teams’ fans will definitely be marking their calendars for a trip to Vegas.

All four games will have great implications, and feature a high-octane environment. All opposing teams’ fans will be excited for the opportunity to visit the new Allegiant Stadium and watch their team go out and battle the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Raiders will also host the Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, and the Miami Dolphins during the 2020-21 football season.

The electrifying grandeur of the Allegiant Stadium will shine throughout the year as its lights will complement the Las Vegas Strip. As you drive into the city via I-15, the jewel in the desert will entice all football fans from all over the world. Raider Nation has a brand new home, and homefield advantage is definitely in our favor.

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