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What’s the best hotel in Vegas? A simple question, but ultimately always the wrong question to ask, especially without much more context. This is akin to asking “what’s your favorite song” or “what’s your favorite food”. The answer is never simple and the best choice always depends.

Choosing a hotel in Vegas is an art, not a science. If you ask 20 people where you should say, you may only get 12 answers if you’re lucky. So instead of trying to answer this question, let’s break down what you are really trying to accomplish and answers some questions that have a more definitive solution.

What is the best hotel for me?

Don’t just roll the dice. Asking the right questions can help you ensure you have a great Vegas trip.

First, baked into the question is what is the best hotel for me. This is vitally important, because the people answering this question are not you! You should understand what you find important.

Start with some things that you do in your day-to-day life. Do you go out to eat at foodie restaurants or stick with chains? Do you stay at motels, Holiday Inns, Marriotts, or Conrads? Do you plan on packing a sports jacket or a dress or are you more comfortable being comfortable?

Then we move into your vacation-self. I know plenty of people who are very budget conscious in their daily life, but Vegas is an awesome place to splurge! If you plan on going to great dinners and the hottest shows, does it make sense to skimp on the hotel or go all out? Is it important to be in a central location or will you be okay saving money but being further away?


Only you can answer these question and understanding where you stand will help you weed through the options to find the perfect hotel for you!

What is the best hotel for me for my specific trip?

You’ll probably get 21 opinions about what’s best, so know when to stop to ensure you don’t bust.

Going even further, what you are really asking is what is the best hotel for me for my specific trip. Vegas is a lot of things to a lot of people, so you probably won’t have the same experience every time. That’s one of the reasons we love Vegas so much! So you have to understand your group (solo, couples, guys/girl trip, bachelor party, short trip, long trip) and what you want to do (shows, nice restaurants, budget get away, relaxing pool day, spa/pampering).

A trip with the boys for the first weekend of March Madness is going to look much different than a long romantic weekend with the wifey and a bachelorette party is going to have very different needs than a trip with your mom.

What is the best hotel for my budget?

Know when to stay and when to push all the chips in the middle for the perfect hotel.

So even if you’ve taken the advice so far and have the perfect hotel for your trip, can you afford it? Or, on the other end, should you spend a little extra and make it perfect? The budget and cost of your trip varies greatly and may be the one area that I find causes the most drama when getting internet advice.





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The hotels are bunched in price bands in Vegas, so understanding these bands and what you find most important is paramount to ensure you make the right decision. For some, price is the motivating factor and they believe that a hotel is just a place to lay your head. For others, the hotel is a vital part of the Vegas experience and can make or break the trip.

What is important to me?

This hand might look pretty, but without the last card it could be a straight loser.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can circle back to the original question. What is the best hotel? If you still need help, make sure you are providing information about you and your group to ensure you get the best advice. And be sure to distill the answers. No matter how many details you provide about what you want it can still be difficult for people to answer without their bias.

What details are important?

Don’t leave your trip to chance. When you know the right questions, you’ll get the right results.

There are other things that you need to provide to get a good result for a hotel. Here are a few of the most obvious pieces of information that will help you get the right answer:

  • Who is going with you? Think about ages, number of people, and special needs (wheelchair, car seats, non-smoking).
  • What is your style? Think about your tastes in food, decor, dress, and atmosphere.
  • What is your budget? Most hotels in Vegas are clustered around a certain price-point. Understanding where you fall before asking for help will get you much better results.
  • What’s the ideal location for you? If you don’t do some research to understand if you want to be on the edge of the strip, downtown, or in the middle of the action, you are going to have a hard time getting a good recommendation. Everyone is very passionate about where they stay, so have an idea.
  • Don’t be bullied. This isn’t a question, as much as a mindset. The internet is full of definitive opinions that seem black and white. There a lot of factors that go into a decision and your factors may not be someone else. You will get strong opinions against or for a specific property (“if you don’t go to X you’re wasting your money” or “anyone who goes to X has no taste”). There are very few universally bad choices in Vegas, but that doesn’t mean everywhere will be right for you. Don’t take the advice to seriously and always understand that it is your vacation, your money, and your experience. Make it your own!

We believe in a positive approach to finding your best trip, so you will find we try to lay out the positives of properties rather than focusing on the negative. That’s not to say we won’t give opinions that are not negative, but we try to frame why things didn’t live up to our expectations while clearing laying out how and why they missed.

Look around the site and tell us how we are doing! We are happy to help and are here to make sure you have your best vacation ever in Vegas.

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  1. Kevin Birnbaum says:

    This is why I created mytrip,vegas. 40 detailed questions to do a tailored plan for someone. I don’t book, I help people determine what they like and don’t and make suggestions accordingly.

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