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Want to contribute to The Dent? We have a number of ways that you can be part of the action!

Here’s how you can contribute:

The Nation Perspectives Series

The Nation Perspectives series is the easiest way to get involved as a contributor. We want to share your story with all of Raider Nation. The only requirement is that you share your story and agree to let us post it on the site. That’s it! To send your story, just email us at with your content and any images/videos to share.

This could be a one off perspective or multiple posts. It could be written, video, image collage, or more. It’s up to you!

We will do our best to post all perspectives that meet our editorial guidelines. The short version? It just should be Raiders or Vegas focused, fit the tone of the site, free of offensive or derogatory language, and properly formatted. We do reserve the right to refuse any perspective for any reason.


Don’t know where to start? Here’s some questions that you can answer in your perspective:

  • What is it like being part of Raider Nation in “enemy” territory?
  • What do you think about the move to Vegas?
  • What do the Raiders mean to you?
  • How did you become a Raiders fan?
  • Will you be coming to games in Vegas in 2020 and beyond?
  • Who are your favorite players and why?

Social Media Squad

The best way to support the site is to share our posts and content with Raider Nation! Like and retweet our posts on Twitter (@VegasRaidersGD), engage and join our contests, share on your Facebook timeline & groups. Shout us out in your podcasts or blogs. Follow Us & Comment on Instagram (@TheDentSports). Share on Reddit and Pinterest.

Overall, if you like our stuff, share it!

Ongoing Contributor

Want to be part of the team as the Raiders move to Vegas? We have volunteer positions available with the opportunity to move to a paid position. We are growing quickly and we are looking for some great contributors to be part of the team moving forward.





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We are looking for contributors that can commit to 3-4 posts a month. These are not “perspectives”, rather posts focusing on the Raiders move to Vegas, Vegas game days (tickets, tailgating, hotels, travel, etc.), or news. These posts should be substantial and informative.

Example topics could include:

These are provided to give you an idea of the type of content, length, etc. would be expected. We can help provide topics or you can have them approved.

Contributors will enjoy perks like merchandise, stickers, discounts/deals, & potential for meet-ups in Vegas during the season.

Stand-out volunteer contributors will have the opportunity to get paid. The expectation for paid contributors would start with around ~10 post a month and earn approximately ~$10/post. These paid contributors would have proven that they can hit deadlines and create kick-ass content that Raider Nation loves. As we grow, there will be potential for paid contributors to grow their income and responsibilities.

Want to apply? Email us at with your samples, resume, or ideas and we’ll be in touch!