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The Christmas music starts way too soon and the Christmas spirit is encroaching more and more on the Thanksgiving Turkey’s personal space. It’s getting colder and colder (especially here in the midwest) and snow is right around the corner. That means my thoughts, inevitably shift to my next Vegas vacation.

If you’re like me and start planning your next trip on the plane ride home (or lets be honest, poolside on my final day), you’ve already got a trip planned, or you’re building up the courage (or budget) to book your next adventure, it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’ll need.

As November rolls along and the Black Friday ads start to slowly take over the TV, it’s a good time to start building out the perfect Christmas list that will make my next Vegas vacation even more perfect.

Whether you have your next trip planned or just know you want to go soon, there are some items that you must have! From comfy shoes to backup power for your devices to sunglasses & sunscreen, there’s plenty of Vegas essentials that are perfect to add to your Christmas list.

Stocking Stuffers (Gifts Under $15)

One thing you’ll notice quickly in Vegas is that many places are against straws. Even some of your frozen drinks at the pool won’t come with a straw or maybe even worse will come with a paper straw. You should be prepared. Reusable metal or silicon travel straws are your friends. These are easy to carry and clean.


Pools can be a huge part of the Vegas experience, especially if you’re doing pool parties. These water shoes are stylish and allow you to get in the pool if you want or easy to fit in a locker.

And breaking the rule, this pool bag and Yeti koozie is the perfect way to keep your drinks cool all day at the hot pool. Throw a couple of these in your bag and stay cool all day!

Vegas Gifts Under $30

On a trip not too long ago, I forgot my carry on bag pack. This meant I was without a variety of essentials, especially power for my cell phone. We spent a huge amount of time walking around trying to find power for all my devices that weren’t near $100!

We finally settled on a $30 portable battery pack with cord at one of the kiosks in the mall. It didn’t even charge my phone 1/4 of the way before dying and even after a full charge barely got it to 1/2 full. At that time, I swore I would never be in Vegas again without proper battery chargers for my devices!





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The one I recommend isn’t quite under $30, but it has built-in cords for iPhone, Android, and to charge, plus ports to add more if needed. It also has 10,000mAh of power, so you can get a full charge without taking anything else! This is the device I use and I can’t recommend it more highly. Plus, right now, it offers a 5% off and prime shipping.

If you want something a bit less expensive, here’s another option, without the power adapter built-in.

Now that we have a fully charged phone, keeping it safe around the pool is key. I change my cell phone case to this waterproof Lifeproof FRE series case. I don’t dunk it underwater (although it says you can), but if I’m watching games or checking email in the pool, there’s no problem with splashing and ruining your phone!

Sunglasses are also key. We love Ray Bans as much as the next guy, but things happen in Vegas, so I like to have a nice pair of sunglasses that won’t break the bank but still are cool. We love the Quay brand. They stand out without breaking the bank! This is our Vegas staple!

Liquid IV for hangovers is perfect to buy before you go because it’s “just add water”, so it goes well in your carry-on. These will kick a hangover in the butt and help rehydrate you after a long day in the sun or a long night at the table!

The Vegas wallet is the absolute perfect gift for the gambler in your life. Rather than having to switch your player’s cards or grab the right one before heading off to the casino, this allows you to keep all your player’s cards, credit cards, ID, and cash in one location.

Vegas & Travel Essentials

If you’re hitting Vegas for a long weekend, the carry on is the way to go. Getting the right carry on is critical to ensure you don’t need to check bags.

If you have the budget, our favorite luggage is from Tumi. If you want the best, Tumi gives you all the best options. Thoughtful designs and the right areas for all your stuff, Tumi is a premium brand at a premium price.

If you haven’t discovered the amazingness of packing cubes, let this be your eye-opener. These compression packing cubes will let you get more in your suitcase, keep you organized and help your clothes look fresh and when you arrive. These are a game-changer and will keep you organized, save space, and on the budget flights, save you money!

Upgrading your personal item is also vital on many trips to Vegas. If you’re flying one of the budget airlines, this might be the only thing you get for free. Whether you plan to pack everything in your personal item or just need some extra space, there are plenty of great options that will fit under your seat and help you bring everything you need. Using that personal item to the max is a savage Vegas move. We love the bags that strap to the luggage, as it keeps a hand free for the airport beer!

Are there other gifts that you are asking for? Let us know in the comments!

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