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Contrary to popular belief, the NFL schedule is not some collusion to ensure your favorite team gets screwed every year. It is actually based on a simple formula that can help us get a good idea which teams the Raiders will be hosting in their inaugural season in Vegas.

Here’s how it works:

  • The Raiders will play a home and home against every team in the AFC West division (3 home games)
  • The Raiders will play 4 games against one AFC Division which is rotated every year. For example, the Raiders will play all four teams in the AFC North every 3 years. (2 home games)
  • The Raiders will play 4 games against one NFC Division which is rotated every year. For example, the Raiders will play all four teams in the NFC South every 4 years. (2 home games)
  • The Raiders will play 2 games against AFC teams that finish in the same place in their division. So if the Raiders finish 1st in the AFC West, they will play the top team in the AFC South and AFC West (if they play every AFC North team that year). This is the one variable that we won’t know until the season is over. (1 home game)

The Official 2020 Raiders Schedule

P1@Seattle SeahawksTBDTBD
P3Arizona CardinalsTBDTBDBuy Tickets
P4LA RamsTBDTBDBuy Tickets
1@Carolina Panthers9/1310:00AMBuy Tickets
2New Orleans Saints Gameday (MNF)9/215:15PMBuy Tickets
3@New England Patriots9/2710:00AMBuy Tickets
4Buffalo Bills Gameday10/041:25PMBuy Tickets
5@Kansas City Chiefs10/1110:00AMBuy Tickets
7Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gameday (SNF)10/255:20PMBuy Tickets
8@Cleveland Browns11/0110:00AMBuy Tickets
9@Los Angeles Chargers11/081:05PMBuy Tickets
10Denver Broncos Gameday11/151:05PMBuy Tickets
11Kansas City Chiefs Gameday (SNF)11/225:20PMBuy Tickets
12@Atlanta Falcons11/2910:00AMBuy Tickets
13@New York Jets12/0610:00AMBuy Tickets
14Indianapolis Colts Gameday12/131:05PMBuy Tickets
15Los Angeles Chargers Gameday (TNF)12/175:20PMBuy Tickets
16Miami Dolphins12/26 or 12/27TBDBuy Tickets
17@Denver BroncosSUN
1:25PMBuy Tickets

Based on the NFL formula, we expect the following home games in Las Vegas in 2020:

Keep Up-to-Date with the Raiders Move to Las Vegas

3 Home Games Against the Rest of the AFC West

  • Chiefs @ Raiders
  • Broncos @ Raiders
  • Chargers @ Raiders

This is the easy one to figure out. The Raiders will always play the Chiefs, Broncos, and Chargers at Raiders Stadium. Based on NFL scheduling, one of these games will always be at the end of the year. I would not be surprised if at least one of these rivalry games is a primetime Monday Night Football or Thursday Night Football game.

2 Home Games Against the AFC East

  • Dolphins @ Raiders
  • Bills @ Raiders
  • Away @ Patriots
  • Away @Dolphins

In 2017, the Raiders played the AFC East. This should mean that the AFC East will be the AFC rotational team in 2020. Because the Dolphins and Jets played in Oakland, the Patriots and Bills should be the opponents at home in 2020.


Marquee matchups? Well, there’s a couple of home win possibilities here with the Dolphins and Bills but that’s about it. The Raiders fans will miss out on Brady’s career winding down, as this very well could be his final year and the Raiders “hosted” the Patriots in Mexico City in 2017 (shout out to Paul for catching this).

2 Home Games Against NFC South

  • Saints @ Raiders
  • Buccaneers @ Raiders
  • Away @ Falcons
  • Away @ Panthers

In 2017, the Raiders played the NFC South. This should mean that the NFC South will be the NFC rotational team in 2020. Because the Falcons and Panthers played in Oakland, the Saints and Buccaneers should be the opponents at home in 2020.

Marquee matchup include likely the final time seeing Drew Brees in person in Vegas. This would mean that the Raiders will likely see two hall of fame quarterbacks for the last time in 2020.

1 Home Game Against AFC South

UPDATE: The Raiders will play the team with the same place in the standings from the AFC South in Vegas 2020. After week 17, it is confirmed the Colts will be visiting Vegas in 2020.





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  • Indianapolis Colts @ Raiders

Which games are you looking forward to in Vegas? Do you have season tickets? Will you head to a single game or two in 2020? Tell us in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “2020 Vegas Raiders Home Schedule: Which teams are likely to visit Raiders Stadium in Vegas (Updated; Official)

  1. Paul says:

    The Raiders “hosted” the Patriots in 2017 in Mexico City. Raiders played in Buffalo and Miami that year.

    1. The Dent Staff says:

      Thanks for the catch Paul! I’ve updated the story and gave you a shoutout. Appreciate it.

  2. Sheryl says:

    I have a question. What are the exact dates the raiders will be playing home games in 2020. Trying to plan a trip to see them.

    1. The Dent Staff says:

      We don’t know yet. The official schedule is usually released in early 2020, so that’s when we’ll have a better idea.

  3. Gary says:

    I want to see the Saints and Raiders in Vegas

  4. Glenn Grady says:

    My B day is October 24 And I wanted to plan a trip there for my birthday weekend and hopefully the Raiders would have a home game that weekend and just buy alarm for the weekend in Vegas friends and family

  5. Michael says:

    Bought my season tickets from Howie Long Jr. Can’t wait for the schedule to come out next year.

  6. Rod Vollertsen says:

    Raiders have New Orleans & Tampa Bay @ home & they go to Carolina & Atlanta

  7. Jay says:

    They played the nfc East in 2007. So does that mean they would play the Redskins and eagles in 2020??

  8. Ridge says:

    I have club seats in Las Vegas for sale when Raiders are home, don’t have price yet but will be selling all

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